Indian Boyfriend shoots dead Girlfriend and a Cab Driver

In a shocking case of double murder, an Indian boyfriend from Delhi shot his girlfriend dead before doing the same to a cab driver.

Indian Boyfriend shoots dead Girlfriend and a Cab Driver f

she met with Hemant, who later opened fire at her.

A man has been arrested for committing two murders. The Indian boyfriend shot his girlfriend dead then went on to kill a cab driver.

Police have identified the perpetrator as Hemant Lamba, of Delhi.

On December 7, 2019, Hemant murdered his girlfriend, Deepti Goyal, in Delhi and later dumped her body. He then killed a taxi driver on the Ajmer Bypass, Rajasthan.

Police initially feared that the double murder was committed by gang members. However, their investigation led them to Hemant.

He was arrested at a car fair where he planned to sell the vehicle that he stole after killing his girlfriend.

During the investigation, police found out that Deepti was originally from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, but lived in Delhi.

Her family explained that Deepti was undergoing counselling in Delhi as she had been under a lot of stress.

On the day of her murder, Deepti left her house, telling her family that she would return in one hour.

It was revealed that she met with Hemant, who later opened fire at her.

He then took her car and her body and drove to Rewari, Haryana, where he dumped her body.

The Indian boyfriend fled the scene and drove towards Surat, Gujarat.

On the way, he saw the unnamed cab driver on the Ajmer Bypass and shot him dead before continuing his journey to Surat.

Along the way, Hemant realised he had no money. He then decided that he would sell the stolen vehicle. He called his friend Irfan who told him that he would be able to sell the car in the Surat area.

Meanwhile, after Deepti did not return, her family informed the police. Officers discovered that Hemant was the last person to see her and eventually traced her mobile to Rewari.

Police found her body and sent out an alert, giving details of Hemant’s appearance as well as the vehicle he was driving.

Hemant arrived at the car fair in Sarthana and had attempted to sell the car at a quarter of the original value.

The fair operator was suspicious of Hemant due to receiving information about his actions.

After linking the police details with the vehicle and Hemant’s appearance, the fair operator called the police.

Officers from Sarthana Police Station arrived at the scene and arrested him. He was later transferred to Haryana Police.

Officers from Haryana and Rajasthan had been in Surat searching for the suspect.

Police Inspector Chaudhary said that the car was searched. Officers found the gun as well as four bullets.

While Hemant has been remanded in custody, the investigation is ongoing as police do not yet know why he killed his girlfriend and the taxi driver who was not known to the suspect.

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