Lion severely attacks Karachi Zookeeper in Pakistan

In a horrific incident, a lion at a zoo in Karachi attacked a zookeeper, leaving him with severe injuries. The man had been feeding the animal.

Lion severely attacks Karachi Zookeeper in Pakistan f

"We are providing the best possible treatment to him"

A zookeeper was left badly injured after he was attacked by a lion through the bars of its enclosure at Karachi Zoological Gardens.

Kannu Piraditta had been feeding the animal on December 9, 2019, when the big cat clamped its jaws around his arm.

Onlookers screamed in horror as the white lion attacked Mr Piraditta through the bars.

The zookeeper screamed in pain in front of terrified visitors.

It was reported that other employees witnessed the incident but did not intervene to help their colleague.

Mr Piraditta tried to break free from the lion’s grip for over fourty seconds before it finally let go.

The zookeeper was left with severe injuries to his arm. Blood was seen pouring from his arm as bystanders screamed around him.

Mr Piraditta was taken to Civil Hospital Karachi. He had been feeding the animal at around 5 pm.

However, according to zoo director Qamar Ayub, feeding time is in the afternoon under the supervision of a zoologist and a veterinary doctor.

He said: “Our staff member was provided immediate treatment and he’s stable now.

“‘It’s an unfortunate incident and we have all sympathy with the zookeeper. We are providing the best possible treatment to him and hope that he would be back home in two to three days.”

He went on to say that Mr Piraditta had breached the zoo’s rules for feeding the lions without proper supervision and had approached the animals from the wrong end of the enclosure.

Mr Ayub added: “According to Zoo Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), all animals are to be fed under the supervision of the Zoologist and a veterinary doctor.”

Watch the Horrific Video of the Zookeeper

He explained that the incident was one of negligence, stating that all employees will be provided with adequate training so that similar incidents would not happen in the future.

Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar took notice and ordered an inquiry into the matter against Mr Piraditta for going against the rules.

Kannu, who has been feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures for five years, was in a stable condition and admitted that his hand slipped while feeding the lion.

He explained that while feeding the lion, his hand slipped and it got a hold of him.

Mr Piraditta said that it was his duty to feed the animals daily.

On December 11, 2019, he said that he was in better health following the horrific incident.

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