AIIMS Dr Sudhir Gupta’s Audiotapes & Chats Leaked

After ruling out the murder angle in SSR’s death case, AIIMS Dr Sudhir Gupta’s audiotapes and WhatsApp chat show contradicting statements.

AIIMS Dr Sudhir Gupta’s Audio Tapes & WhatsApp Chats Leaked f

The late actor was “200% murdered”

The leading forensic investigator at AIIMS Hospital, Dr Sudhir Gupta, who ruled Sushant Singh Rajput’s death as suicide, has shared why he earlier believed the late actor was murdered.

The AIIMS report brought a twist in Sushant’s ongoing death case. Reportedly, seven senior doctors examined Sushant’s autopsy report.

As a result, they unanimously concluded that the actor committed suicide and was not murdered.

In the morning on Monday, October 5, 2020, Dr Gupta’s tape was leaked in which he states the late actor was “200% murdered” and that he died of “strangulation.”

He also went on to question why the Mumbai Police did not protect the crime scene.

He further added that this led to the contamination of the crime scene and as a result, the case could not be formed.

Despite this, Dr Sudhir Gupta has now contradicted his previous statement and ruled Sushant’s death as a suicide.

India Today reported:

“Dr Sudhir Gupta, lead forensic investigator at AIIMS, reacts to the tape that claims he thought SSR was ‘murdered’.

“In a conversation with India Today, Dr Gupta has said, ‘Yes every one doubted when CBI started investigation … we investigated all doubts then concluded opinion … now there should be no doubts … it was 7-member team of senior doctors at AIIMS board’.”

After the audiotapes were leaked which exposed Dr Sudhir Gupta’s contradicting statements, his Whatsapp chats have also been accessed by Republic Media.

According to the conversation, he raised nine questions with the doctors at Cooper Hospital.

The post mortem report in Sushant’s death case reportedly had many loopholes. The late actor’s autopsy was conducted without a forensic specialist present.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s nail clips were also absent and Dr Gupta also asked why his viscera had been preserved.

The WhatsApp chat from August 11, 2020, read:

“The panel of five doctors of Cooper conducted autopsy … only one is junior level forensic doctor… rest 4 are just medical officers.

“The panel must be of forensic specialists as per norms. Who constituted medical board? Why medical board?

“What was justification for medical board… by police? What police was apprehended? Where is nail clips of Sushant?

“Why preserved viscera? Is viscera report consistent with medical observation?”

Lead forensic investigator, Dr Sudhir Gupta’s discrepancies in his inconsistent statements certainly are alarming.

However, the CBI is yet to provide its concluding report on Sushant Singh Rajput’s autopsy report.

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