Is Bigg Boss 14’s Sara Gurpal Lying about being Single?

Bigg Boss 14 contestant, Sara Gurpal stated that she is single on the show. However, is she lying about her relationship status?

Is Bigg Boss 14’s Sara Gurpal Lying about being Single? f

"She is lying to the world saying she is still single."

Big Boss 14 contestant, Sara Gurpal has already landed herself in controversy after stating that she was single during the reality show’s premiere when she is reportedly married.

Punjabi singer, Tushar Kumar, has revealed that he married Sara in 2014 and called her out for her lie on Bigg Boss 14. He said:

“I got married on 16th August 2014 in Jalandhar, Punjab India.”

Speaking about why he has chosen to reveal their marriage now, Tushar explained that he was prompted to do so after Sara lied on television. He said:

“I was getting messages on Instagram and Whatsapp from people across the globe, while Sara is still claiming that she is not the one who got married to me, stating that the girl who married me just looks like Sara.”

Tushar Kumar also shared pictures of himself with Sara Gurpal as well as their marriage certificate.

The pictures show Tushar and Sara happily posing together with Sara wearing vermillion and red and white bangles traditionally worn by married women.

However, interestingly, the name on the certificate is not Sara Gurpal it is Rachna Devi.

Tushar Kumar further added that Sara married him for fame and a USA citizenship. He revealed:

“I just want to prove that Sara is the one to whom I got married to and she is lying to the world saying she is still single.

“I feel that she got married to me just to get fame and a citizenship of the USA.

“She left me because she didn’t get any publicity from my side.”

Furthermore, it appears that not everyone is convinced by Sara Gurpal’s image on the reality show.

In fact, fellow Bigg Boss 14 contestant Shehzad Deol claimed how she was only “playing innocent and kiddish.”

He disclosed that he met Sara two years ago for a professional endeavour. He added that she is not as “bubbly and kiddish” as she was behaving on Bigg Boss 14.

Sara Gurpal has been compared to Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaaz Gill. Speaking about the comparison, Sara said:

“Had it not been me, someone else would have come from Punjab. We are all different individuals. I am not taking it negatively.

“I am very proud of Shehnaaz Gill. She was entertaining and I have no problems with comparisons.

“And people of Punjab are anyway very nice. I am prepared for everything, be it positive or negative. When people will see me, I hope they will love me.”

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