Hrithik Roshan accuses Angela Krislinzki of Lying about Friendship

Angela Krislinzki has drawn attention to herself after claiming she and Hrithik Roshan are friends. Yet, the Bollywood actor publicly denied this.

Hrithik Roshan accuses Angela Krislinzki of Lying about Friendship

“I consider Hrithik a mentor and keep him informed."

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has accused Anglea Krislinzki, a model and actress, of lying about their supposed friendship.

He took to social media on Tuesday 4th April 2017 to deny the friendship.

The accusation comes after the model claimed she and Hrithik were friends. She also claimed that the actor had given her advice about her career.

The model and actress made these statements in an exclusive interview with DNA India. She said about their relationship:

“Like every other newcomer, I had a crush on Hrithik when I worked with him for the first time in a commercial. When I told him about my half-Spanish background, he was reminded about the old-world charm of Valencia and Spain.

“He was supportive and gave me acting tips.”

Angela also explained that they were planning to work together on a music video. Yet, the shoot did not take place.

She revealed: “That was soon after Hrithik’s Aashiqui video was released. We had even rehearsed together for a day, but Hrithik suffered an injury soon after and it was called off. I was looking forward to it.”

In the same interview, Angela mentioned an exchange between herself and Hrithik the next time they met.

She recalled: “He also asked me jokingly whether the colour of my eyes was real. When I signed a movie in the South. He also inquired about the maker and assured me that this film would definitely take me places.”

Angela, currently working in the Tamil film industry, concluded her interview by stating:

“I consider Hrithik a mentor and keep him informed. I showed him a song from my last south release, Size Zero and he liked it immensely.”

All of this would paint a healthy relationship between the two actors. Even on the model’s Instagram, she has posted pictures of the two posing together.

Yet, Hrithik Roshan denies knowing her. He expressed his surprise with a tweet:

Angela Krislinzki promptly responded to his tweet by explaining the article in two Twitter posts. She deemed the headlines as “misleading,” apologised for the unintended offence, and explained:

“When I say mentor I meant someone who inspired my life in right direction.”

Hrithik Roshan was previously accused of been engaged into a controversial drama with Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. She claimed they were dating. Hrithik denied this and later exchanged defamation lawsuits with her.

With Angela Krislinzki now apologising for the “misleading” headlines, we are unsure how far these claims will be taken.

But, it is not every day one gets a direct response from their idol or even such an emphatic denial!

Vivek is a sociology graduate, with a passion for history, cricket and politics. A music lover, he likes rock and roll with a guilty liking for Bollywood soundtracks. His motto is “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” from Rocky.

Image courtesy of Angela Krislinki's Official Twitter & Instagram.

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