Aftab Ahmed denies threat to behead UKIP Candidate

Aftab Ahmed has pleaded not guilty to threatening to behead UKIP Newcastle East candidate, David Robinson-Young. He has been released on conditional bail.

Aftab Ahmed Asian man threatens to behead UKIP Candidate

"I'm an ex-policeman and I've been subjected to numerous physical threats in the past."

A Newcastle man has denied threatening to behead a UKIP candidate for Newcastle East, David Robinson-Young.

Aftab Ahmed, 44, of Winchcombe Place in Heaton, was charged with making death threats against Robinson-Young in a phone conversation.

He pleaded not guilty in a short hearing that took place at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on April 30, 2015.

Ahmed’s defence lawyer, Kieran O’Neill, also denied his client made any threats to kill.

Robinson-Young claimed he received a complaint from ‘Mr Khan’ – believed to be Ahmed’s alias – about the Middle East. He described the 20-minute conversation as ‘particularly chilling’.

Robinson-Young recalled: “He said the Muslim community is really annoyed with the British government supporting bombing Muslim countries, and that the community here just wants to get on with their family lives.”

Asian man threatens to behead UKIP CandidateAs the UKIP candidate indicated his intention to end the phone call, Ahmed allegedly launched insults at him and threatened to take his life.

He said: “You had better f**k off or you will be beheaded next.”

Although ‘shaken’ by the incident, the parliamentary candidate made it clear his altercation with Ahmed would not deter him from serving his constituency.

He said: “I’m not a man who is easily intimidated. I’m an ex-policeman and I’ve been subjected to numerous physical threats in the past.

“I will not let this incident prevent me from continuing in the campaign to try and change our country for the better.”

The 62-year-old UKIP candidate also highlighted his ‘strong links to various ethnic communities’ as a discrimination lawyer.

Discussing his view on immigration, he placed the cause of the problems the UK faced squarely with the EU’s ‘politically-motivated immigration system’, instead of the immigrants.

Ahmed has been granted bail on the condition that he will not make contact with Robinson-Young. His trial will resume on July 3, 2015.

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