’90s Cartoons that are Most Loved

Cartoons really defined TV in the ’90s, with many millennials proudly stating that it was the best era for them. DESIblitz explores the best ’90s cartoons.

’90s Cartoons that are Most Loved

“I remember waking up early with my dad on a Saturday morning just to watch this show on CITV”

Cartoons defined the 1990s. Whether you were a Nickelodeon kid or a Cartoon Network fan, watching these animated bundles of joy brought people together.

Some of these cartoons can even be considered iconic. Because, despite not being an ‘adult’ show, a lot of them dealt with deeper issues and interesting storylines.

Things really changed in the direction of TV during this time. Broadcasters were expanding their reach with original programmes like the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

It also introduced a lot of competition with child focused programmes, and as a result all cartoon makers really upped their game.

This is why the era of ’90s cartoons is loved so much. There was a level of creativity and effort put into the the shows produced.

So whether you were a ’90s kid or not, you will surely recognise and have come across many of the cartoons.

Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory,  Arthur and The Wild Thornberrys are true classics and have even generated meme status in this day and age.

DESIblitz explores some of the best cartoons to have emerged from the ’90s.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Top 90's Cartoons 4

Courage the Cowardly Dog was a cartoon that was on the weirder side.

It follows a pink dog who can walk, living in a small wooden shack which is in the middle of nowhere. He lives with his two owners Muriel and her husband who always picks on Courage.

Every episode is bizarre and features Courage facing very different kinds of monsters. They ranged from a chicken from outer space, a talking red cat and even a giant bug in a suit.

This show wasn’t just whacky and creepy, it was also funny and had a very unique animation style which drew people in.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Top 90's Cartoons 7

Ed, Edd n Eddy was a really bizarre show following three boys on their journey into adolescence and their attempts to make money so they can buy jawbreakers.

Although the protagonists all have different variations of the same name, they are extremely different people.

This show was definitely well loved, it was unique and was a wild ride from start to finish.

Hey Arnold

Top 90's Cartoons 1

Hey Arnold pretty much was the definition of ’90s Nickelodeon.

It focused on an average young boy Arnold with a football shaped head, who lived with his grandparents in the city.

Although the show at first glance seems fairly normal it really isn’t.

This show was interesting, funny and extremely relatable. It dealt with a lot of serious issues as well. Like bullying, dealing with young crushes and also emotional ones like emotionally absent parents and addiction.

This cartoon depicted what life in the city is really like, and had a diverse and unique cast which really made us fall in love with it.


Top 90's Cartoons 8

Pokémon was a well loved show all round. It is about a young boy called Ash and his journey to become the world’s best Pokémon trainer alongside his friends Brock and Misty.

With lots of conflict and amazingly unique Pokémon, this show had almost everything. It even lead to everyone collecting Pokémon cards and buying the games and really brought together lots of people.

Look at the success of the mobile app Pokémon Go, it’s popularity is down to the love and nostalgia everyone has for the show.

Powerpuff Girls

Top 90's Cartoons 5

Powerpuff Girls was truly iconic. Not only did it have three badass female leads, but it also appealed to both genders.

Our three heroines were new, unique and could really kick ass.

It also had plots that were deeper and dealt with them in an entertaining way.


Top 90's Cartoons 3

Recess is a show that is near and dear to everyone’s heart.

It takes the cliche school set up but focuses on six kids who have their differences and don’t really fit in.

A lot of the show focuses on playground dynamics in a very fun and relatable way. The kids took the law into their own hands and really went wild.

It had a great sense of humour throughout and interesting characters. At its heart it’s about young kids just having fun.


Top 90's Cartoons 2

Rugrats is one of the most iconic cartoons of this decade.

It follows a group of toddlers through their many different adventures as they navigate the world. One of the unforgettable things about this show is that it makes a lot of effort to show a child’s perspective of the world.

In some ways this does come across as downright creepy, but amongst all the craziness there are a lot of emotional scenes.

One of the most iconic heartbreaking moments of the series is Chuckie’s sad face during the Mother’s Day dance which can still bring even grown adults to tears.

Spider Man

Top 90's Cartoons 9

Marvel cartoons of this era were really outstanding.

Spider Man really helped introduce a whole generation to his plights of Peter Parker and every nerd and outsider had a character they could relate to.

This series really shined and showed complex characterisation and long stories which didn’t bore the audience.

It delved into the many different aspects of Spider Man’s life and also had the chance to show other Marvel characters, like X-Men, Daredevil and the Punisher.

Amarjeet, 23, tells DESIblitz: “To date this is the most faithful adaptation of Spider Man, I will never forget the amazing story arc called Sins of our Fathers.

“I remember waking up early with my dad on a Saturday morning just to watch this show on CITV.”


Top 90's Cartoons 6

The animated X-Men series was not only brilliant, but it brought a lot of younger people into the world Marvel heroes.

It was action packed and really entertaining. But what made it stand out was the incredibly diverse team of mutants and their individual stories.

It really captured the essence of the fantastical superhero world and had a lot of heartfelt moments.

The ’90s was definitely a special decade for cartoons, and many of them are still watched and enjoyed to this day.

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