7 Top Indian Fitness Experts to Learn From

Fitness experts are the unsung heroes whom we look to for tips and tricks. DESIblitz presents the top Indian fitness experts to learn from.

"fitness industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds."

As a nation, India is adopting a new approach to exercising and Indian fitness experts are in high demand for advice and workout tips.

Behind all of our favourite Bollywood celebrities is a fitness expert screaming words of encouragement.

Fitness trainers work with people of all ages and skill levels.

They typically demonstrate various exercises, teach clients the correct techniques to minimise injuries and monitor clients’ progress.

Celebrity fitness experts do a lot of the hard work when it comes to ensuring film stars are in shape.

However, they usually remain hidden and away from the spotlight.

With an increased demand of people wanting to improve their fitness level, we look to such fitness experts for the methods they use on their celebrity clients.

Yasmin Karachiwala

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts to Learn From

Yasmin Karachiwala is one of the most popular fitness experts on Instagram.

She was born and brought up in the USA and is married to Minhaz Karachiwala.

Yasmin is a pilates expert who has trained a multitude of Bollywood celebrities including the likes of Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

A BASI (Body Arts and Science International) certified Pilates trainer, Yasmin is the owner of Yasmin’s Body Image and has been in the fitness business for over 22 years.

The Indian fitness expert started her first fitness studio in Mumbai. She now has branches in other countries also.

Yasmin has also received multiple awards and as a result, is known to give Bollywood celebrities a toned body with her expertise.

Yasmin won Best Fitness Instructor at the Vogue Fashion Awards.

The fitness expert also has a book Sculpt and Shape – The Pilates Way.

When Yasmin is not working with her Bollywood clients, she keeps her Instagram followers on track with her helpful workout videos.

Prashant Sawant

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts To Learn From - 2

Prashant Sawant is the fitness expert known to work with Shah Rukh Khan.

The Bollywood actor owes much of his success to Prashant when it comes to having a ripped body in his films.

Prashant was behind Shah Rukh’s transformation in movies such as Om Shanti Om and Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Alongside Shah Rukh Khan, Prashant has also worked with Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and Varun Dhawan.

Prashant started his career in fitness in a local gym.

Since then, he has developed his own luxurious gym Body Sculpture in Mumbai.

Speaking about the Indian fitness industry, Prashant said:

“India has a humongous youth demographic and Bollywood exercises a huge influence on them.”

“The fitness industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

“The youth of this country is partaking in the healthy living process at a rate never seen before.

“I can only say that sky is the limit for the fitness industry in India.”

Deanne Panday

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts to Learn From 2

Deanne Panday is an Indian fitness expert who specialises in mindful living and wellness.

The fitness expert has worked with several high-profile celebrities including Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Lara Dutta and Preity Zinta.

Another fitness expert popular on social media, Deanne is also the author of two books.

Deanne is known for finding the perfect balance between exercising and an appropriate diet regime.

Before becoming a fitness expert, Deanne was a model who graced the cover of Femina India magazine.

Deanne pursued a four-month fitness course in Australia.

Upon her return to India, Deanne was a personal trainer for over six years before she set up her own gyms.

She has also released several fitness DVDs including Unleash which she made in collaboration with actress Bipasha Basu.

Deanne has also won several awards commending her fitness expertise including the ‘Elle Fitness Expert Award’.

Devrath Vijay

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts To Learn From - 4

Co-founder of The Outfit, one of Bengaluru’s most popular functional training centres, Devrath Vijay is a popular fitness expert on Instagram.

From animal flow routines to stretching tips, Devrath covers a range of fitness topics for his followers.

Devrath is also the co-founder of Academy of Strength, a functional training and movement facility.

Speaking about the Academy of Strength, Devrath said:

“I believe in bringing a more wholesome and holistic approach to fitness rather than just making people sweat.

“I founded the Academy of Strength with my childhood friend Mohammed Suhail.

“We both share the same value-systems and have a common mission for the company.”

“We help our clients meet their fitness goals with nutrition and training plans, continuously monitor their progress and offer community support.”

Devrath is clearly dedicated to sharing his impressive knowledge of fitness.

Namrata Purohit

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts To Learn From - 5

Namrata Purohit is a Pilates instructor who has a vibrant Instagram page full of fitness inspiration to learn from.

Namrata is one of the founders of The Pilates Studio, one of Mumbai’s premier fitness centres.

The fitness expert co-founded The Pilates Studio with her father Samir Purohit.

Alongside her father, Namrata was an official Pilates coach to the 2014 Mumbai City FC team.

She is also the youngest person to have been a certified Stott Pilates instructor at the age of 16.

Stott Pilates is a musculoskeletal conditioning program that focuses on strength and stability.

At the age of 21, she launched her first book, titled The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit.

Namrata has worked with several Bollywood celebrities and notable personalities including Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Kangana Ranaut and Janhvi Kapoor.

When Namrata isn’t working with clients, she keeps her Instagram followers inspired with her instructional, easy to follow videos.

Samir Jaura

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts To Learn From - 6

Samir Jaura is the fitness expert behind Farhan Akhtar’s toned figure in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Speaking about working with Farhan Akhtar, Samir said:

“For the first transformation, we worked for four months before the film starts.

“Farhan has three transformations in the film so yes, it was a challenging task.

“In the morning, he had his boxing lessons for two hours.

“Then in his schedule was his physiotherapist who did his treatments because he shouldn’t get injured otherwise he would require rest and couldn’t train.

“In the evening, he used to work with me for his strength training class for two hours.

“I intentionally tried to keep my classes as late as I could so that he gets enough rest throughout the day.”

Samir has also trained the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Vicky Kaushal.

The fitness expert is known for his vigorous training as well as his diet plans.

Payal Gidwani Tiwari

7 Top Indian Fitness Experts To Learn From - 7

Payal Gidwani Tiwari is a yoga expert, a certified instructor and founder of Cosmic Fusion, a wellness studio in Mumbai.

Payal is also the fitness expert responsible for maintaining Kareena Kapoor’s figure.

Speaking about working with celebrity clients, Payal said:

“The journey with my celebrity clients was always challenging because they had a goal in mind.

“So you have to work accordingly.

“They are highly disciplined and focused which automatically keeps you on your toes.”

“It’s great working with them as they remove the best out of you.

“When designing a yoga program, you have to keep in mind the needs of the other person.”

The fitness expert is also the author of Body Goddess: The Complete Guide on Yoga for Women.

Payal won the Most Popular Book Award for Body Goddess at the Raymond Crossword Book Awards in 2016.

A rising interest in personal fitness, partially prompted by worsening obesity trends, has resulted in a strong demand for fitness experts.

Fitness experts are not only reserved for younger millennials.

As the ageing population is increasing, the demand for fitness advice specifically catered to that demographic is also rising.

Fitness experts have made accessing workout routines and tips much simpler than in the past.

With the growth of social media and platforms like YouTube, following the advice of our favourite fitness experts has never been easier.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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