7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

As Bigg Boss 9 hype returns, we eagerly await to see which stars will grace the house. See our choice of British Asian celebs who could definitely add some masala to the TV show.

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

she has made headlines for being drunk, ‘vulgar’ and abusive in public

Indian reality TV show, Bigg Boss 9 will be unleashing onto our screens very soon. Can UK celebrities make juicy reality TV viewing?

Well controversies, drama and sex have always kept Indian audiences gripped and wanting more.

The UK has plenty of British Asian talent worthy of creating saucy content for the masses.

Here is our rundown of 7 British Asian celebs that are guaranteed to create headlines if they were on the show:

1.    Dr. Zeus

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

This dynamic music producer and singer’s fall out in 2014 with hot singing sensation Kanika Kapoor makes him no stranger to controversy.

It all started with his claims that he produced the hit song ‘Baby Doll’ (2014) whilst Kanika, who provided her vocals for the track, is adamant Meet Bros were behind the creation.

Despite this, Zeus fever in India continues thanks to his ‘Lovely’ and ‘Kamlee’ songs which both feature in SRK’s Happy New Year (2014) movie soundtrack.

Maybe Zeus could use this reality TV airtime to tell his side about what really happened, which would certainly ruffle a few feathers, especially those of Kanika’s fans.

2.    Zayn Malik

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

The ultimate bad boy of One Direction has been involved in a jaw dropping 13 controversies in his short career span!

Caught smoking marijuana, outrageous tattoos, alleged naked photos online and rife cheating rumours are just to name a few.

His latest scandal saw him break ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards’ heart before moving to LA to start his solo career.

Most recently, his Twitter rant at friend-turned-foe music producer Naughty Boy earned him a few enemies in the industry.

Would spending time locked away tame this lad or would it just be another way for him to raise hell! This entry could take TRP ratings through the roof!

3.    Shanti Dynamite

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

There was a lot of hype that this sexy siren would be entering the 2014 Bigg Boss house to spice things up!

Whilst that never happened, Shanti has a lot of potential to be the perfect contestant.

Belonging to the British adult TV industry, she has been pitted against huge porn star-turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, who made her debut in season 5 of the show.

Since the subject of porn continues to create debate in India, throwing this bombshell into the mix would give her the power to shock housemates and pull in ratings.

4.    Hard Kaur

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

The award winning rapper has several hits in Bollywood and also starred in Akshay’s Patiala House (2011).

On the other hand, she has made headlines for being drunk, ‘vulgar’ and abusive in public.

Known for her outspoken personality, she managed to offend Yo Yo Honey Singh when she appeared on Bigg Boss 6 as Salman Khan’s guest, commenting that it takes a lot more than wearing a cap and saying ‘yo yo’ to becoming a rapper.

Of course, Honey Singh later retaliated with a sarcastic comment saying he ‘copies Hard Kaur’ and ‘worships the ground she walks on’!

If she managed to cause this much attention from a small appearance on the show, just imagine the hungama she could create being locked in the house 24 hours a day!

5.    Imran Khan

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

This award winning Punjabi singer turned the Asian music scene upside down with hits such as ‘Ni Nachleh’ (2007) and ‘Amplifier’ (2009).

He is famously known for amplifying his feud with Yo Yo Honey Singh after claiming he has never heard of Honey, who has been pitted as his rival in the industry.

The ‘Bewafa’ (2009) star also shared his thoughts on the Rishi Rich Project reunion in 2015, saying he’s not really excited as they ‘want to so the same thing again.’

Well it looks like he’ll have no problems telling people exactly how he feels. His personality trait is guaranteed to ‘satisfy’ viewers.

6.    Jasmin Walia

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

No Bigg boss house is complete without some ‘British/Bollywood-esque’ eye candy. This 25 year old has already had a taste of reality TV.

She appeared on The Only Way is Essex and Desi Rascals and she has had her fair share of admirers on the shows.

Not afraid of wearing the skimpiest of outfits, her personal style will definitely get housemates gossiping.

Her stunning looks could also entice Indian film directors on the hunt for their next sexy on screen siren.

7.    Manj Musik

7 British Asian celebs who should enter Bigg Boss 9

This Punjabi rapper, singer and music producer took the Bollywood music industry by storm during his former RDB days.

After a nasty split from his brother Surjeet Singh in 2014 that involved court action, he is now carving his own career in B-town.

Being a firm favourite of Akshay Kumar, as well as working with mighty Khans such as Saif and Shahrukh, he is rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest powers in India.

Both viewers and housemates would be keen for the rapper to reveal inside secrets on these well-loved actors.

Other cool contenders include Noreen Khan, comedian Paul Chowdhry and rising vlogger-slash-motorhead, Lord Aleem.

It is safe to say the stars of the UK have the ‘x factor’ and India better watch out if our wish list was to come true!

Kiran likes to seek new challenges. Bollywood is her first love and travelling is her addiction. She believes experiencing different parts of the world brings a person more wealth than money ever will. Her motto is: "Wish it, dream it, do it."

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