2011 Brit Asia Music Awards

The most awaited event of the year was held at the prominent venue, HMV Hammersmith Apollo. DESIblitz was part of the swanky occasion, where all the British-Asian and Bhangra industry was under the same roof. Extravagant performances from the likes of Garry Sandhu, Jazzy B and Sukhshinder Shinda, it was a night not to be missed!

"They help people appreciate what you do."

Saturday 1st October 2011, the eagerly anticipated event was scheduled in everyone’s diary. It was marked to be one of the biggest evenings for the British Asian music scene. Deeming the success of the Brit Asia Music Awards last year, we were promised second year round was going to be even bigger and better. The glamorous venue was filled with stars, celebrating great achievements of the living legends and the contemporary artists from all genres.

The atmosphere was buzzing with the entire industry mingling together with mixed emotions, enjoying refreshing fruit cocktails and exotic canapés. The stage was electrifying, with live bands and dhol players playing throughout the whole night.

We had highlight performances by the Prince of Bhangra himself, Jazzy B and the multi-talented Sukhshinder Shinda. However the most talked about act has to be, the exclusive birth of Burban (Brown Urban). The new modernised genre took to stage for the first time by Rapper Shizzio. But it wasn’t just a solo performance, the stage was set alight with Raxstar, Kazz Kumar, Kee, Swami Baracus, Menace, and KanDman just to mention a few!

DESIblitz had the privilege to be part of this fantastic event. We caught up with some of the nominees and subsequent winners of the night with exclusive interviews including: Foji, Panjabi MC, The Truth, Jaz Dhami, Kazz Kumar, Shizzio, GV and Kee.

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GARRY SANDHU was one the most popular artists of the night claiming two awards, Best Newcomer and Best Male Act. His hit songs like Tohar, Main Ne Peendah and Fresh have been an instant knockout on the dance floor. He’s working with the most happening UK Asian music producers, making him one of the most thrilling idols in the Bhangra industry.

FOJI was nominated and proudly won the Best Video award for Pumbeeri. He’s had massive success with his hit Pumbeeri video alongside his previous smashes, Dafa Hoja and Bruah. The Birmingham Punjabi singer has also appeared the longest than any other Bhangra artist, in the top 3 of the Official Asian Download Chart.

PUNJABI MC was also one of the stars of the show grabbing two awards, Best Single and Best Asian music producer. His determination towards winning the categories was highly noticeable on the awards night, his extremely hard work has sure paid off. The response to ‘Moorni’ was outstanding, as when he went to receive the award, the audience couldn’t help themselves and started singing.

JAZ DHAMI Although he wasn’t nominated for any of the categories, he still seemed to enjoy the energetic vibe at the Apollo. Jaz believes that nights like this bring artists closer together, and that they should support one another to take music further. He certainly wooed the ladies with his presence and he was definitely sending the love right back, taking photographs and signing autographs.

SHIZZIO had everyone talking about him by the end of the night. Although he didn’t win any awards, the rapper marked the birth of ‘BURBAN’ with an astonishing performance. Spreading the word of ‘BURBAN’ alongside many of the other urban Asian artists, he had the whole auditorium dancing to his tunes. Shizzio has most surely got a lot more things up his sleeve, and no doubt he’ll be delivering a lot more to his loving fans.

All the artists we spoke to agreed that events like these awards are needed to help them mark their achievements and celebrate their success in a very tough industry.

GV said, “With an awards event like this more than add value to the music it gives the fans a chance to see all their favourite artists under one roof.”

Foji Gill winner of the Best Video award commented saying:

“It’s nice to be recognised from an artist point of view for doing something and for the public, the people and the industry to recognise it.”

DJ Rags said: “They help people appreciate what you do.”

Even though this is the second year of the Brit Asia Music Awards, it’s clearly proved how important they really are to the British-Asian music and Bhangra scene. For artists that have been trying to make some recognition for some years, Brit Asia has made it possible, establishing fresh artists in to the industry. An event like Brit Asia Awards, also celebrates the achievements of the tremendous hard work that the existing artists have contributed to the industry. Always taking it to a new level and keeping the Asian music scene alive! Well done to all the winners from DESIblitz.com!

Check out photos from this electric night of the 2011 Brit Asia Music Awards

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Photos courtesy of Brit Asia TV.