20 Best Bollywood Movies with Siblings to Watch

There are many Bollywood movies that portray sibling love as a central theme. Which movies about siblings are the best ones to watch?

20 Best Bollywood Movies with Siblings to Watch - f1

"it tells the story of two brothers who take opposite paths"

Bollywood movies often feature romance as an integral part of their story. However, there are films, focusing on siblings and their bond.

Bollwyood movies that cover the story of beloved siblings and all they do to protect each other are very popular. Whether the film is about brothers, sisters or both there are many to choose from.

The portrayal of siblings on-screen is a treat for the audience, particularly with a strong storyline.

Famous directors, along with good narratives have had a major contribution to the success of Bollywood movies with siblings at the heart of them.

These movies about siblings often have a conflict that needs to be overcome before the ending. Siblings fight and argue on screen just as much as they do in real life.

We showcase 20 top Bollywood movies, across a wide range of genres, with a siblings aspect to them.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - hare

Hare Rama Hare Krishna is a movie that features Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman as siblings.

Prashant Jaiswal (Dev Anand) and Jasbir Jaiswal (Zeenat Aman) are separated as children and grow up in completely different circumstances.

Prashant grows up with his mother to become a pilot whereas Jasbir becomes involved in hippie culture. When Prashant eventually goes to find his sister, he finds she has become Janice.

The film shows Janice as a woman looking for comfort in drugs and alcohol and is still remembered as one of Zeenat’s most stand-out roles. This alone makes it worth watching.

Amit Upadhyaya at ThePrint highlights a very popular track from the film, which beautifully captures  the two siblings:

“Born to Montreal-based Jaiswal family, the sibling bond is effortlessly shown through the song ‘Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka’, a Raksha Bandhan anthem even today.”

The sibling bond is the central theme of this film and Prashant’s journey to try and save his sister tugs at the heartstrings. It is the best movie about siblings from the 70s.

Deewaar (1975)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - deewaar

Deewaar is a 1975 movie that stars Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor as brothers.

After their father deserts them, they are raised by their mother. Vijay Verma (Amitabh Bachchan) is the eldest and becomes a criminal.

His younger brother Ravi Verma (Shashi Kapoor) on the other hand, becomes a policeman.

Eventually, the brothers find themselves on opposite ends of the law with their mother, Sumitra Devi (Nirupa Roy) stuck in the middle.

Kmbaruah an IMDb user touches on the main plot of the movie, featuring two brothers at loggerheads with each other :

“Marked by serene storytelling and no-nonsense elements it tells the story of two brothers who take opposite paths in life and ultimately confronts each other.

“An outstanding indepth study of human characterization.”

Both brothers are steadfast in their opinion that the way they live their life is the right way. This is one of the best films, showing siblings who argued till the end.

With excellent performances and a great dialogue like “Mere paas maa hai”, this movie about siblings is one not to be missed.

Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

The 20 Best Bollywood Movies About Siblings - amarakbar

Amar Akbar Anthony is a Manmohan Desai direction, featuring three brothers. These include Amar Khanna (Vinod Khanna), Akbar Ilahabadi (Rishi Kapoor), and Anthony Gonsalves (Amitabh Bachchan),

The three separated as children are raised in different faiths.

Circumstances eventually cause them to meet as adults and discover their connection.

This film is a true Bollywood masala movie with great songs, car chases, fights, weddings, and of course, sibling love.

Many will remember when the three simultaneously and unknowingly give blood to their on-screen mother, Bharati (Nirupa Roy)

The fight between Amar and Anthony is interesting, The friendship between an innocent Akbar and a comical Anthony is equally fascinating.

The three brothers may have been raised in different faith but nothing is as important as the love they have for each other. This core theme of the film makes it great to watch.

Satte Pe Satta (1982)

20 Best Bollywood Movies with Siblings to Watch -Satte Pe Satta

Satte Pe Satta is a 1982 movie based on Hollywood’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954).

It stars Amitabh Bachchan (Ravi Anand) and Hema Malini (R. Indu Anand) and is about seven brothers. Ravi is the eldest and the head of his family,

His siblings include Som Anand (Sudhir), Mangal Anand (Shakti Kapoor), Budh Anand (Paintal), Guru Anand (Kanwaljit Singh), Shukra Anand (Vikram Sahu), and Shani (Sahi Anand).

Ravi raises his brothers on a farm after the death of their parents but is like a strict dictator. This leads to his brothers growing up like animals rather than people.

Ravi has a soft spot for Sunny, with him being the baby brother. However, he does love all his brothers, be it in his own manly way.

It is the antics of the seven brothers that make this a great movie about siblings.

Whether making a mess, walking around in their underwear, or throwing food at each other, it’s fun to watch.

Of course, things change when Ravi marries Indu as she tries to teach them to be civilised and how to respectfully attract love.

Overall, this is a delightful movie about siblings and their amusing behaviour, with moments of emotions.

Karan Arjun (1995)

20 Best Bollywood Movies with Siblings to Watch - Karan Arjun

Rakesh Roshan takes the directors chair for Karan Arjun, featuring superstars Salman Khan (Karan Sing and Shah Rukh Khan (Arjun Singh) as on-screen brothers.

The two lead characters are killed by their uncle, Thakur Arjun Singh (Amrish Puri), and then reincarnated years later after their mother’s prayers to the goddess Kali.

Leo L comments on Rotten Tomatoes about a sense of uneasiness the two have about their previous life :

“Living separate lives, the two can’t help but feel a deeper connection to each other and a past that haunts them in dreams.”

After being reborn, Ajay (Salman Khan) and Vikay (Shahrukh Khan) have no memories of their past life. They eventually learn the truth and go to find their mother and avenge their death.

This movie is about faith and hope, belief and love.

It has action, romance, and above all, a strong sibling bond between Karan and Arjun. Salman and Shahrukh are completely believable as brothers.

You will be cheering for a happy ending when watching this film about siblings.

Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya (1998)

20 Best Bollywood Movies with Siblings to Watch - Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya

The overprotective elder brother role is one we often see in Bollywood and Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya is no exception.

Muskaan Thakur (Kajol) plays the younger sister of Vishal Thakur (Arbaaz Khan).

A happy-go-lucky girl, Muskaan is attending college when she meets and falls in love with Suraj Khanna (Salman Khan).

As an older brother, Vishal rejects the relationship in his very domineering manner.

Vishal is the epitome of the older brother who wants nothing more than to protect his sister. He thinks he knows best by choosing Muskaan’s groom, one who is actually trying to steal their property.

Suraj must win the respect of Vishal who slowly realises that Muskaan is a woman who can make her own decisions.

This film is a great example of the brother and sister bond and is a worthwhile watch.

Bandhan (1998)

20 Best Bollywood Movies with Siblings to Watch - Bandhan

Bandhan is a Bollywood movie, full of romance, drama, and action. It is a remake of Pandithurai (1992), a Tamil film.

The film name actually translates to the word bond. The movie stars Ashwini Bhave as Pooja, with Salman Khan playing her younger brother Raju.

As Pooja is very close to Raju, she takes him with her, following marriage to Thakur Suraj Pratap (Jackie Shroff).

The years pass and Pooja is unable to have children. Thus, Suraj takes a mistress and tells Pooja to accept the mistress moving in or to leave the house.

Raju takes it upon himself to do whatever he can to reunite his sister and her husband.

This film shows that sometimes it is up to the younger sibling to take care of the older one.

In this instance, Raju’s brotherly love for Pooja is so strong that he will do whatever it takes to make his sister happy.

Bandhan is another great example of the strong bond that siblings have.

Hum Saath – Saath Hain (1999)

The 20 Best Bollywood Movies About Siblings - humsaath

Hum Saath – Saath Hain is a box office smash hit movie with a huge star cast, It is one of the best family-based films of the 90s.

It features three brothers and their sister as well as other key family members.

The three brothers are Vivek Chaturvedi (Mohnish Behl), Prem Chaturvedi (Salman Khan) and Vinod Chaturvedi (Saif Ali Khan).  Their sister Sangeeta Chaturvedi is played by Neelam Kothari

The film is all about the trials and tribulations that are faced by a joint family but the siblings are central to the story.

It is their love and bond that is truly tested.

Manuja and IMDb user reflects on the brotherly sister unity:

“The touching thing about this story is how the brother’s and sister’s rally together to protect each other, and how the firm love and respect between them swings things back into place.”

With such an amazing star cast this movie is always going to impress and it is the acting of the four siblings that stands out the most.

Fiza (2000)

20 Best Bollywood Movies About Siblings - fiza (1)

Fiza is a crime thriller, with renowned critic Khalid Mohammed being the director and writer of the film.

made big news when it was announced that Karisma Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan would play on-screen siblings.

Karisma plays the title character, Fiza Ikramullah, whilst Hrithik is the younger brother, Amaan Ikramullah.

Amaan goes missing during the 1993 Bombay riots but neither Fiza nor her mother can move on.

The film focuses on Fiza’s search for her brother, who she finds has joined a terrorist group.

This film is harrowing and deeply emotional, dealing with terrorism and suicide throughout.

Karisma and Hrithik’s acting is incredible as they portray perfect siblings, making this one a must-watch. The two won “Best Actor and ‘Best Actress’ at the 46th Filmfare Awards in 2001.

Josh (2000)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - josh

The Mansoor Khan directorial, Josh is a romantic action Bollwyood movie with siblings being a core focus.

The gang rivalry film also made big news in the new millennium for casting two stars as brother and sister.

Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are the respective siblings in this film. Max Dias (Shah Rukh) plays a gang leader in the film.

Shirley Dias (Aishwarya Rai) falls in love with Rahul Sharma (Chandrachur Singh) who is the younger brother of Max’s rival Prakash Sharma (Sharad Kapoor).

This leads to war and action against the backdrop of Goa.

The pair played their roles perfectly with Shahrukh as the protective brother and Aishwarya as the sister who loves to play pranks.

This is a fun movie, which has a good soundtrack to accompany the siblings’ element.

Housefull (2010)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - houseful

Housefull is a comedy movie, with Sajid Nadiadwala being the producer of it. The film has similarities with Kaathala Kaathala (1988), a Tamil drama film.

Arjun Rampal as Major Krishna Rao plays the older brother of Deepika Padukone (Soundarya Venkateshwari Bhagyalakshmi Basappa Rao – ‘Sandy’)

Sandy falls in love with Aarush Avasthi (Akshay Kumar) but needs her brother, Major Saab’s approval

Krishna is a strict Indian Military Intelligence officer who is very protective of Sandy. He is so protective of his sister that he uses a lie detector test on Aarush to find out his intentions.

Hijinks and fun times are what this film is about and the sweet bond between Krishna and Sandy just adds to the entertainment.

This is a hilarious film, with the siblings sharing some great moments on screen.

Agneepath (2012)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - agneepath

Agneepath is a big banner action film, falling under Dharma Productions.

Hrithik Roshan plays the central character of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan in the film. This is a revenge drama that sees him trying to avenge his father’s death.

Kanika Tiwari plays his younger sister Shiksha Chauhan who Vijay is very protective of.

Even when Vijay separates from his sister, he continues to be there for her. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor) tries to sell Shiksha.

At this point, viewers get to see just how much Vijay loves his sister as he fights with a whole army of men to protect her.

The pair make sweet siblings against a backdrop of violence and anger.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013)

20 Best Bollywood Movies About Siblings - bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is an inspirational sports story, with direction coming from Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra of Rang De Basanti (2006) fame.

This film is not just about the fantastic portrayal of Farhan Akhtar as the legend Milkha Singh.

It is also about his relationship with his elder sister Isri Kaur (Divya Dutta).

Isri is a simple girl who is abused by her husband and eventually has the courage to stand up to him. More importantly, she believes in Milkha more than anyone else does.

She supports and motivates her brother in a film that showcases how the sibling bond can help you realise even the most difficult of dreams.

The film is a good example of how siblings are always the best cheerleaders. Farhan won ‘Best Actor’ for his role at the 56th Filmfare Awards in 2014.

Kai Po Che! Brothers…For Life (2013)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - kai

Koi Po Che! Brothers… For Life is a sports drama, with a political action angle to it. The film is helmed by director Abhishek Kapoor.

Sushant Singh Rajput (Ishaan Bhatt) and Amrita Puri (Vidya Bhatt play siblings in the film.

The pair’s excellent acting puts this film amongst the best movies with siblings being at the centre of it.

Ishaan is the older brother of Vidya in this film about three best friends and their love for the sport of cricket. Ishaan is very protective of his sister.

When one of Ishaan’s friends falls for Vidya, problems ensue.

The audience gets to see that all Ishaan wants is for his sister not to get hurt.

This film is all about the performances. It should be watched for those alone, especially for the acting of the late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Jai Ho (2014)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - jaiho

Jai Ho is a political action drama, directed by Sohail Khan, brother of Salman Khan.

Salman plays Jai Agnihotri with Tabu Hashmi playing his sister Geeta. Jai is a man who is passionate about fighting criminals and generally helping others through his good deeds.

Jai is also very passionate about family, including Geeta. When some men kidnap Geeta, Jai must go and rescue her and does so by fighting a group of men.

Although this leads to bad consequences for him, all Jai cares about is that he saved his sister.

This film is an example of the strongest sibling bond where Jai defies all odds for his sister’s safety.

Dil Dhadakne Do (2015)

20 Best Bollywood Movies About Siblings - dildo

Ranveer Singh (Kabir Mehra) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Ayesha Mehra) play siblings in the comedy movie Dil Dhadakne Do. It is one of the most talked-about when it comes to movies about siblings.

Ayesha and Kabir are close to each other with simple things like inside jokes and stealing one another’s food. They also tell each other their deepest secrets, showing trust.

Talking about the realness and genuineness of their relationship Kathy Gibson said on Access Bollywood:

“The relationship between Singh and Chopra, playing adult children who still make faces behind their parents’ backs. So many of their scenes feel authentic: like the way Kabir calls his sister Dude.

“His claim that the ice cream he steals from her bowl tastes better because it’s flavoured with her annoyance. Their immaturity together belies an unbreakable allegiance.”

They are there for each other when a shoulder is needed to cry on and they face their parents as a team when it comes to conflict. The siblings also give each other brutal advice.

To top it off, Kabir and Ayesha make great dancing partners.

After all, what else could you possibly need from a sibling?

Brothers (2015)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - brothers

The clue is in the title as Akshay Kumar (David Fernandes) and Sidharth Malhotra (Monty Fernandes) are seen playing brothers.

David and Monty are estranged as children, following the murder of their murder, Maria Fernandes (Shefali Shah).

The film is set against a backdrop of kinetic martial arts, in which both brothers take part. During a competition, David and Monty eventually meet each other in the ring for the finals.

It is during this final that all the emotion and guilt that surrounds their mother’s death is released. David and Monty are pushed to the edge and it makes for great viewing.

Seeing David break down in tears and Monty go to reconcile him shows the true strength that comes from a sibling bond.

This is a good sports movie to watch, especially if someone is craving for something more than just comedy.

Kapoor & Sons (2016)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - kapoor

Kapoor & Sons is a super family drama that features Fawad Khan (Rahul Khanna) and Sidharth Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) as brothers.

They return to their parental home to visit their sick grandfather, Amarjeet Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor).

Meanwhile, Rahul and Arjun both meet Tia Malik (Alia Bhatt) and she causes a rift between the brothers. Arjun likes Tia but she likes his brother Rahul.

It is only later that Rahul reveals he is gay as he tells Arjun this first. This is after many arguments surrounding past events that caused a strain in their relationship.

An IMDb user by the name of Silversmith27 in their review praises the performances of the two male lead actors:

“The movie works though due to the brilliant, awkward (on purpose) chemistry between Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan who completely nail their roles.”

This film shows that even after a hundred fights, your sibling is the one you need when you have a secret to tell.

There is nothing more sacred than trust in the sibling bond.

Sarbjit (2016)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - sarbjit

This list of movies about siblings has featured a few protective older brothers who would do anything to safeguard their sister. What about the older sister who would do the same?

Sarbjit shows this with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan playing Dalbir Kaur, the older sister of Sarbjit Singh (Randeep Hooda).

Sarbjit drunkenly crosses the India-Pakistan border and gets arrested by the Pakistani police.

Dalbir then spends the next twenty years of her life fighting to prove that her brother is innocent.

Every action Dalbir takes in this film is for Sarbjit and she always puts him first.

The acting in this film is truly incredible, with the harrowing story being full of emotion. It is a true example of a sibling bond that is powerful enough to last through time.

Baaghi 3 (2020)

20 Best Bollywood Movies about Siblings - baaghi

The first two films in the Baaghi franchise focused on a traditional boy-girl love story but the third one was about the love between two brothers.

Baaghi 3 stars Tiger Shroff (Ronnie Pratap Singh) and Ritiesh Deshmukh (Vikram Pratap Singh).

Although Ronnie is the younger brother to Vikram, he is always the protective one. He is the one who saves his brother whenever he gets into trouble.

Vikram grows up to become a policeman and heads for Syria to complete some routine paperwork. Unfortunately, things go awry and Ronnie has to go and rescue him.

The beauty of this film is that after all the times Ronnie saves Vikram, in the end, it is Vikram who saves Ronnie.

It is a lovely movie showing the brotherly bond.

When it comes to Bollywood movies about siblings there are many different kinds. Some older brothers would do anything to protect their younger sister.

Estranged siblings meet in later life and find they still have that bond. Siblings travel hundreds of miles and spend years fighting for the other because their brother or sister is all they care about.

The sibling bond is about love, trust, honesty and being there for each other.

These films show all this and most importantly, they demonstrate that the sibling bond is strong. In one word, it is unbreakable.

Dal is a Journalism graduate who loves sports, travelling, Bollywood and fitness. Her favourite quote is, “I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying,” by Michael Jordan.

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