Pakistani Siblings caught with £500k in Money Laundering Plot

A Pakistani brother and sister were caught attempting to take over £500,000 out of the country in a money laundering plot.

Pakistani Siblings caught with £500k in Money Laundering Plot f

They were busted at the immigration counter.

Pakistani police arrested a brother and sister as they busted a money laundering operation.

The siblings were arrested at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

It was reported that the man and woman were arrested in a joint raid conducted by the Airports Security Force (ASF) and Customs officials.

Their luggage was searched and officials found €616,000 (£512,000).

The siblings had been set to board a flight to Dubai.

Police identified the suspects as Obaid Siddiqui and Aqsa Siddiqui.

According to the investigation, the pair intended to transport the money to Dubai as part of a money laundering plot.

They were busted at the immigration counter.

Following the recovery of the cash, an FIR was registered against the siblings and further investigation is underway.

There have been a number of smuggling incidents in Pakistan, whether it be money or drugs.

In a previous case, a Pakistani man was convicted of smuggling heroin from Pakistan and into Dubai.

The 21-year-old man stood trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was caught with more than one kilogram of heroin.

It was reported that the Class A drugs were hidden in bags of green tea when he arrived at Dubai International Airport.

The man arrived at the airport on November 7, 2019, on a standard visit visa.

The suspect had made it past initial checks, however, a customs inspector became suspicious. After noticing that his bags looked unusual, he stopped the supposed traveller and his bags were searched.

He explained: “The defendant’s luggage looked suspicious because of its abnormal volume.

“The accused was then stopped and his bags were searched.”

Upon searching the bag, the customs inspector then discovered three bags of green tea that contained the heroin.

“We opened the tea bags and found another bag in which there was heroin.”

The drug smuggler was then transferred to the Anti-Narcotics Department of the Dubai Police where he was arrested and charged with possession of illegal drugs and smuggling.

Meanwhile, the heroin was seized and taken for testing. A crime lab report confirmed that the drugs were heroin, which weighed 1.1 kilograms.

The suspect remained in custody until his court appearance where he was convicted.

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