Foji Gill Jailed for 5 Years for Money Laundering

Foji Gill, the Birmingham-based Bhangra singer has been sentenced to five years in prison for money laundering. DESIblitz has more.

Foji Gill sentenced to 5 years in prison

He has also been barred from acting as a business director for seven years.

Bhangra singer Foji Gill has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for committing offences related to money laundering.

Birmingham Crown Court has confirmed that a man named Manjit Gill has been given a five-year prison sentence, for ‘entering into or becoming concerned in the acquisition, retention, use or control of criminal property’.

In addition, he has also been barred from acting as a business director for seven years. BBC Asian Network reported: “The overall fraud was for £35million, but Manjit Gill was only involved in respect of £2million.”

His sentence took immediate effect on March 30, 2015 and the court has not received any appeal for the case for now.

In most cases, an appeal is submitted within 21 days after the defendant’s sentence is announced. It is yet to see whether his lawyer will file an appeal to alleviate his jail terms or named crime.

Two other defendants, who share the same last name, have also been given similar sentences – five years and six months imprisonment, as well as seven years director disqualification.

Born as Manjit Singh Gill in Coventry, the Birmingham-based singer was first reported to be involved in a money laundering case on April 1, 2015.

After Foji disappeared from social media, rumours of his alleged criminal activity began to spread on April Fools’ Day.

Some found it hard to believe that the ‘nice guy’ of Bhangra has a dark side:

Others took the chance to make it clear they were not fans of the singer:

One of them claimed to have spotted Foji near Birmingham Crown Court, providing further proof that he was involved in the case:

Foji Gill has enjoyed a reasonably successful career, having been featured heavily in the Asian Official Download Chart.

But with the latest news, there is no question that Foji’s career will come to a halt now. It remains unclear what action his manager and record company will take with regards to his planned projects.

Updated 25th November 2015 – National Crime Agency released full details of the case, further to Foji Gill’s imprisonment for 5 years in March 2015 as part of this investigation.

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