10 Best Indian Action Movies to Watch on Netflix

DESIblitz presents the best action movies to watch on Netflix, inviting you on a thrilling journey through the charm of Indian cinema.

10 Best Indian Action Movies to Watch on Netflix - F

"Beast hinges on its action sequences for survival."

Indian action movies have carved a niche for themselves, blending adrenaline-pumping sequences with captivating storytelling.

As the global audience embraces diverse cinematic experiences, Netflix stands as a gateway to an array of Indian action films that showcase the prowess of the country’s film industry.

From heart-stopping stunts to intricate plot twists, these movies offer a rollercoaster ride that transcends borders.

In this feature, we present the 10 best Indian action movies to watch on Netflix, inviting you on a thrilling journey through the unmistakable charm of Indian cinema.



Distinguishable from the 2022 film featuring Idris Elba grappling with a tiger, Beast emerges as a cinematic spectacle best described as “Die Hard in a mall.”

The narrative follows an ex-RAW agent on a mission to liberate hostages trapped in a shopping mall overrun by terrorists.

While the storyline may seem straightforward, Beast hinges on its action sequences for survival.

A true crowd-pleaser, this film boasts a stellar lead performance, making it the perfect escapade for those moments when you just want to switch off your brain and revel in the thrill.

Though not a contender for prestigious awards, Beast refuses to be overlooked—its unabashed fun factor is simply too enticing.

Brace yourself for a climax that defies expectations, as Beast proves that sometimes, it’s the wild, outrageous moments that leave a lasting cinematic impression.



As the fourth instalment in Rohit Shetty’s expansive “Cop Universe,” Sooryavanshi serves as an excellent introduction to the series, skilfully holding its ground as a standalone narrative.

Centred around Veer Sooryavanshi, the film, for the most part, operates independently, with only fleeting appearances from other characters in the interconnected universe.

While the film’s political nuances may not earn it top marks, a trait shared by many cop films globally, Sooryavanshi compensates with a compelling narrative.

Despite the occasional political misstep, the film successfully delivers on the primary expectation of action aficionados.

So, if you can look past the political intricacies, you’ll discover that Sooryavanshi excels where it truly matters—in its breathtaking action sequences, making it a must-watch for fans seeking an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience.



Dhamaka, while leaning more towards the thriller genre than a conventional action film, packs a substantial punch in terms of gripping sequences.

In contrast to some of its counterparts on Netflix, this film takes a more serious tone.

A remake of the acclaimed South Korean film The Terror Live, Dhamaka weaves a narrative around a news anchor grappling with fear for his life following an interview with a terrorist responsible for a recent bridge explosion.

Though the premise presents a challenging narrative, Dhamaka emerges as a taut and well-directed espionage thriller, showcasing a stellar lead performance by Kartik Aaryan.

In essence, Dhamaka transcends its action-thriller label, offering viewers an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.



Don stands as a high-octane, stylish homage to the action films of the 70s, earning its status as one of India’s most renowned cinematic gems.

The film follows the journey of a wounded drug lord and the hired lookalike enlisted to impersonate him.

What sets Don apart from its 2000s action counterparts is its departure from the conventional “good vs evil” narrative, offering instead a battle between morally ambiguous characters.

However, it’s the action sequences that truly elevate Don to iconic status.

The chase scenes and cinematography are nothing short of breathtaking, infusing the film with an undeniable energy and momentum.

Despite its substantial 169-minute runtime, Don manages to captivate audiences effortlessly, providing a plethora of memorable moments to choose from.



At the time of its release, Baahubali earned the distinction of being the most expensive film produced in India.

While unabashedly taking creative liberties with history, the film does so with a genuine and affectionate touch, resulting in a captivating narrative.

The storyline revolves around two cousins locked in a riveting rivalry for the throne, unfolding over numerous years and introducing a multitude of characters.

The sheer scale of the narrative necessitated its division into two three-hour films, creating an immersive and expansive cinematic experience.

Watching Baahubali is undeniably a substantial investment of time, but the payoff is a rare and immensely enjoyable cinematic package.

Minnal Murali


Minnal Murali intricately weaves the tale of Jaison, an unassuming tailor whose life takes an electrifying turn when struck by lightning, endowing him with extraordinary superpowers.

Embracing the superhero mantle as Minnal Murali, Jaison finds himself compelled to confront an unexpected adversary, evolving into the saviour his hometown in Kerala desperately needs.

Released in 2021, the film emerges as India’s response to the surge of superhero action movies that dominated the global landscape in the 2010s.

What sets Minnal Murali apart is its ability to seamlessly merge the exhilarating power fantasy inherent in superhero origin stories with the intense and dynamic action for which Indian filmmaking is renowned.



Upon its release, Haider stirred controversy, delving into the sensitive portrayals of the Kashmir conflicts during the 1990s.

Serving as an adaptation of Hamlet, the film transcends its Shakespearean roots to become a compelling political narrative.

The storyline unfolds around a young student’s quest for his missing father, entwining him in a complex web of revenge and the intricate politics of the state.

More than a showcase of excellent and brutal action sequences, Haider stands as a poignant exploration of a tumultuous period in India’s history.

It serves as a mirror, reflecting the nation’s past with a self-critical lens, urging later generations to glean lessons from the mistakes of history.



In the realm of foreign films, RRR has emerged as a standout in the United States, capturing the hearts of audiences and requiring little introduction.

For those uninitiated in the tapestry of Indian cinema, this film serves as a perfect initiation.

Set against the backdrop of the 1920s, RRR unfolds the fictional yet riveting tale of two Indian revolutionaries who valiantly opposed British rule.

What sets it apart is its super-heroic narrative, blending larger-than-life characters with the fervour of a real historical struggle.

This cinematic spectacle delivers on every front—ridiculously entertaining, profoundly sincere, and emotionally charged.

An Action Hero


In An Action Hero, Ayushmann Khurrana steps into the shoes of Maanav, a 30-year-old at the pinnacle of popularity and acting prowess, seemingly invincible in his glittering career.

However, the trajectory of Maanav’s life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes embroiled in a murder accusation, plunging him into the kind of eccentric action scenarios he once merely portrayed on the silver screen.

Fleeing his homeland, Maanav becomes the hunted, pursued relentlessly by a vengeful politician thirsty for revenge.

What sets An Action Hero apart is its brilliant satirical tone and incisive social commentary.

The film emerges as a beacon, shedding light on the intricate dynamics between the media landscape and its insiders.



Malang oozes style and suspense, following a purpose-driven killer evading both law enforcement and underworld adversaries.

Delving too deep into the plot risks spoiling the very essence that makes Malang a thrilling experience.

The film’s allure lies in its intricate twists and turns, creating a narrative landscape that constantly keeps viewers on the edge, unsure of where the story will venture next.

For maximum enjoyment, it’s one of those movies best approached with minimal foreknowledge—a cinematic journey best embarked upon blindly.

The element of surprise is part of the film’s charm, and as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, clarity dawns with the force of revelation.

These movies offer more than just high-octane action; they provide a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of India, weaving together traditions, emotions, and a distinct cinematic flair.

So, whether you’re a fan of heart-stopping stunts, intricate storytelling, or simply exploring the rich diversity of world cinema, these films on Netflix promise an exhilarating ride.

Let the credits roll, but the impact of these action-packed tales will linger long after the screen goes dark, leaving you eager for more cinematic adventures from the vibrant world of Indian cinema.

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