WAR at the Box Office results in a Great Victory

Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer WAR has hit the big screen with a bang. On the first day, the film has already broken a box office record.

WAR at the Box Office results in a Great Victory f

"I’m touched by the fantastic response"

War starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff has broken box office opening records with over Rs 53.35 crores.

The film released on October 2, 2019, and has been praised from critics and audiences alike.

According to Filmfare.com Hrithik spoke about the tremendous success of War. He explained:

“It is an incredible response to our hard work and I’m truly grateful to the audience for our loving film. When we decided to make War, we were clear that we were attempting to do something that has never been done in Indian cinema. We went all out to make it happen.”

Hrithik went on to praise his co-stars and the team behind War.

In addition, Tiger commented on the film’s amazing reception. He stated:

“I’m touched by the fantastic response that our film has been getting from audiences across India. I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now except that I feel blessed to be getting this love and appreciation.

He continued to thank all those involved in creating this amazing film.

WAR at the Box Office results in a Great Victory - p1

These two Bollywood heartthrobs are certainly enjoying their well-deserved success. Yet, this is not new for Hrithik.

Previously, he has broken records with numerous films:

Despite this, Hrithik has proven his star credibility once again with War.

He was praised for his amazing looks as well as his flawless acting, while his action sequences with Tiger are commendable.

4DX War Experience

WAR at the Box Office results in a Great Victory - p3

The success of War is set to continue. In this instance, the film is set to release in 4DX at participating cinemas promising an amazing sensory experience.

Throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, Cineworld cinemas will show screenings of the film from October 4, 2019.

Other locations which will showcase War in 4DX are:

  • India: PVR Cinemas and Cinepolis Cinemas
  • Norway: Nordisk Film Kino
  • The United Arab Emirates and Oman: VOX Cinemas
  • Kuwait: KNCC

The action-packed film boasts car chases, explosions, fist brawls, helicopter hunts and motorcycle pursuits. As a result, this makes the 4DX experience more enticing for audiences.

The use of advanced technology heightens the on-screen visuals as they surpass traditional cinema viewing.

For example, sensory effects include vibration, motion synchronised seats, wind, fog, scents, rain and strobe lighting.

This combination in the design of movement and environmental effects will allow audiences to entirely immerse into the action.

WAR at the Box Office results in a Great Victory - p2

This innovative concept transcends the boundaries of audio and video.

War director Siddharth Anand expressed the excitement 4DX will provide to the film. He states:

“We were very clear from the start that we want to give Indian audiences action that they have never seen before.”

“Our film has a huge car sequence that sees Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff perform an adrenaline-pumping action stunt that has been entirely shot on ice.”

He continued to explain the car sequence:

“We shot this in Finland, which is in the Arctic Circle and we were informed by our production team that we were the first-ever film in the world to shoot an action sequence of this scale on the Arctic.”

“We look forward to reveal this movie in 4DX, and we strongly believe 4DX will be the best way to enjoy our film.”

There is no stopping War from continuing with its amazing success. In particular, the 4DX format will enhance the film’s cinematic experience.

Watch the trailer to War here


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