Video of Canadian Woman speaking Punjabi stuns Netizens

In a viral video shared on Instagram, a Canadian woman speaks fluent Punjabi. The woman received a lot of praise online.

Video of Canadian Woman speaking Punjabi stuns Netizens - f

"I tried my best…"

A Toronto-based woman tries to speak Punjabi and the internet approves of it.

If you are an avid social media user, you must have seen videos featuring foreigners speaking Indian languages fluently.

While such videos make for a delightful watch, they also motivate us to learn a new language.

Just like this video that shows a Canadian woman speaking fluent Punjabi.

The woman is receiving a lot of praise online and may win your heart left, right and centre.

The video was posted by Sarah Wickett, a Toronto-based pop-country singer and songwriter, on Instagram.

The musician has more than 64,700 followers on Instagram and regularly shares snippets from her life.

“I tried my best…” read the caption posted alongside the video.

The video shows the woman speaking in Punjabi.

She says in the video: “Main Toronto toh haan, mera boyfriend Delhi toh haan. Par mera boyfriend Toronto vee ton haan.

“Aseen Toronto vich rehnde haan (I am from Toronto; my boyfriend is from Delhi. But my boyfriend is also from Toronto. We live in Toronto).”

This is, however, not the only video where she is speaking Punjabi.


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A post shared by Sarah Wickett (@sarahhww)

In a video posted a week ago, she can be seen translating sentences from English to Punjabi.

“Punjabi homework time. How did I do?” read the caption written along with the video.

In yet another video posted four weeks ago, Sarah introduced herself in Punjabi.

In the video, she says: “Saat sri akal. Mera naam Sarah hai. Main Toronto ton haan. Mainu gauna pasand hai.

“Te main gayika haan (Hello. My name is Sarah. I am from Toronto. I like to sing. And I am a singer).”

The caption accompanying the video reads: “Lots of new faces here asking for more #Punjabi videos… so saat sri akal and eh laao (so hello and here it is).”

Since being shared six days ago, the video has received more than 10,000 views.

It has also received over 3,000 likes and several comments.

An individual commented, “You did so good.” “Main v Toronto to haan (I am also from Toronto),” wrote another.

“Haha, I’m from Delhi too. Lol, so even Delhi people didn’t speak as good Punjabi as compared to Punjab people. You tried it well,” shared a third.

An Instagram user posted, “Girl you killed it.” “So impressive babe. You inspire me to learn a new language,” expressed another.

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