Uorfi Javed reacts to Aaliya Siddiqui’s Video

After Aaliya Siddiqui posted a video, claiming she and her children have been kicked out of their house, Uorfi Javed reacted.

Uorfi Javed reacts to Aaliya Siddiqui's Video f

"Nothing to say, breaks my heart."

Uorfi Javed has reacted to Aaliya Siddiqui’s video where she made further allegations against her husband Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Aaliya posted a video where she claimed that Nawazuddin threw her and her children out of their house.

She said: “I just came from Nawazuddin’s house and there, you can see my daughter who is crying.

“We were thrown out of his bungalow and we have been told we cannot enter. I cannot understand where should I go with my kids, I just have Rs. 81 with me – no house to go to, and no money.”

As her crying daughter approached, a tearful Aaliya continued:

“I do not know, how can Nawazuddin behave in such a manner.

“Nawazuddin, I can never forgive you for what you are doing to my kids.

“I just want to show to all of you, how my kids are suffering at this late hour in the night.

“It is midnight, and I am stranded in the streets. I do not know where I should go with my kids.”

Uorfi Javed has now reacted to the video, stating that she can relate to Aaliya’s plight.

Uorfi took to her Instagram Stories and wrote:

“Nothing to say, breaks my heart. Kinda reminded me of my days, Just sympathy.”

Uorfi previously opened up about her difficult childhood, claiming that her father physically and verbally abused her.

In an interview with Dirty Magazine, Uorfi said she grew up in a “strict conservative” household in Lucknow.

She recalled: “He used to beat us a lot, used to beat my mother too.

“And the verbal abuse was a daily thing. Someone calling you a w***e every day, it f**** you up.

“I attempted suicide also a couple of times. I barely left the house, my father wouldn’t allow it.”

“But I used to watch a lot of TV and I was always interested in fashion. I didn’t have a lot of fashion knowledge, but I knew what I wanted to wear. I wanted to look different, I wanted to look the best.

“Like when I go to a party, everyone turns to look at me.”

Uorfi Javed went on to admit that she has been stressed about money all her life. Growing up, she never had any money, although she “was a rich girl in her head”.

Uorfi also said that instead of “running after a man”, women should “run after money”.

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