Two Men jailed for “ferocious and vicious” attack at Takeaway

Two men have been locked up for carrying out an attack on a man. The beating, which was described as “ferocious and vicious”, took place in a takeaway.

Two Men jailed for “ferocious and vicious” attack at Takeaway f

"The event does have the feel of an ambush."

Two men from Bradford were jailed for a total of 15 years on August 14, 2019, for subjecting a man to a “ferocious and vicious” beating at a takeaway.

Bradford Crown Court heard how Kamran Ahmed, aged 30, and Mohammed Hamza ambushed Khalid Khan at the Madina Roti House and Pizza Bar on Toller Lane on March 9, 2019.

Ahmed repeatedly stamped on Mr Khan’s head in the takeaway’s kitchen. Hamza hit the victim twice on the head with a metal ladle and punched him.

Both men admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

David Gordon, prosecuting, explained that Mr Khan had gone to the restaurant for breakfast when he was attacked.

Hamza, known as Mitch, confronted him near the service counter saying: “Come here.”

Mr Khan backed away and sought refuge in the kitchen. Despite staff members trying to keep them out, the two men followed him.

Ahmed then punched the victim. Hamza grabbed a soup ladle and struck him twice on the head.

Mr Khan fell onto the cellar steps where Ahmed stamped on his head at least 10 times, saying: “Don’t f*** with me.”

Following the attack, Mr Khan was in the hospital for two days. He suffered a fractured eye socket, multiple jaw fractures and bruising to the back of his head.

He underwent an operation to insert metal plates in his jaw and he needed four of his teeth removing.

Police used the restaurant’s CCTV footage to identify the two men.

Two Men jailed for “ferocious and vicious” attack at Takeaway

They made no comment during their interview but Mr Khan picked them out during an identification procedure.

Mr Gordon explained that Ahmed had worn a distinctive ring during the attack. He had the same ring on in a photo on social media.

Mr Khan said in a victim impact statement that he has lost all feeling in his chin. He was not sleeping and he could not eat solid food. The attack left him in constant pain and he could not work or socialise.

Both men have previous convictions. Ahmed was convicted for assault, house burglary, criminal damage, robbery and possession of heroin with intent to supply. Hamza was convicted for stealing a pedal cycle when he was a juvenile.

Mr Gordon called it a joint attack. He said: “The event does have the feel of an ambush.

“It seems to be some kind of punishment beating but what the background is, we will never know.”

Ahmed’s barrister Shufqat Khan stated that the attack lasted less than 20 seconds. He told the court:

“It was disagreements within the community.”

Ahmed was a qualified chef who worked at the takeaway, however, he was fired after the incident. He cared for his ill parents and his two younger brothers who were disabled.

He was a married man who actively brought up his two young children.

Oliver Jarvis, for Hamza, explained that he was sincerely apologetic for the attack.

Mr Jarvis said that his client did a lot of community work, including helping people with learning difficulties and organising football tournaments.

Judge David Hatton QC said: “What this was all about, I do not know, and in many ways, it doesn’t matter because it is what happened in those premises that matters, rather than the reasons for it.”

He said it was a planned “ferocious and vicious attack”.

Mr Khan was punched, hit on the head twice with a metal ladle, and kicked and stamped upon.

Judge Hatton said that Ahmed was responsible for the more significant violence but Hamza also played a significant part.

He added that Hamza had good aspects to his character but both men took part enthusiastically in the attack.

The Telegraph and Argus reported that Kamran Ahmed was jailed for eight years while Mohammed Hamza received a seven-year prison sentence.

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