The Apprentice’s Harry Mahmood slams ‘Fame-Hungry’ Co-stars

After becoming the first candidate to be fired from The Apprentice, Harry Mahmood accused his co-stars of being fame-hungry.

The Apprentice's Harry Mahmood slams 'Fame-Hungry' Co-stars f

"A lot of people on the show just want a Boohoo deal"

Harry Mahmood has accused his co-stars of being fame-hungry, after becoming the first candidate to be fired from The Apprentice.

The first task saw the men take on the women in creating an innovative cruise brand.

However, the guys fell short, with a particular talking point being their poor logo.

While Harry Mahmood joined project leader Akshay Thakrar and sub-team leader Akeem Bundu-Kamara back in the boardroom, ultimately it was Harry who was fired.

The 35-year-old has now accused candidates of the 2022 series of only being on the show for fame.

He told the Daily Mail: “A lot of people on the show just want a Boohoo deal or some sort of extra work.

“I have come across a few candidates that seem like they want more from this.

“A lot of the boys bantered and said, ‘ah yeah, I want to be a Calvin Klein model’ and I thought mate, with that body? Probably not.

“I am not here to be famous; I was here to get investment from Lord Sugar because I am here not just to help myself but also to inspire other people.

“I have come from nothing, I am from the Asian community, Muslim, British, and I wanted to inspire other children to work hard, try harder and be successful.

“It was not about fame I am not here for that of any kind.”

Despite being fired, Harry still insists that he is the “Asian version of Lord Sugar”.

He continued: “Of course, Lord Sugar and I are charming, charismatic, amazing aesthetically to look at, obviously we have great dress sense and have worked very hard, we have both been honoured by the Queen.

“We both have insight into the future, not just about business but other fields and we’re team players, we look at collaborative space and working with other people.

“We are innovators in our own right and as Lord Sugar quoted, we are disruptors.

“Let’s bring back Harry, hashtag it, let’s do it – if Donald Trump can become president of America anything is possible.”

Harry’s dismissal from the show was down to being disruptive and while he accepts the decision, he is confused by Tim Campbell’s feedback to Lord Sugar, who oversaw the other team.

Harry said:

“Tim wasn’t actually there. He called me a disrupter but Tim, you weren’t actually there.”

“What you won’t see is when the boys piped up about being disruptive, Karren actually hit Akeem down and said, ‘actually that’s not right, he’s being slightly annoying but not disruptive’.

“We’ve got Karren saying I’m not disruptive and then suddenly Lord Sugar saying I’m disruptive.

“I don’t know why Tim is saying everyone thinks I’m a disrupter, I’m a challenger because when I see things aren’t going the way they need to be I challenge them back into the right direction.

“That’s just me being passionate as a person, I’m passionate and creative but the fact they can’t distinguish between the two is a downfall on their part.

“I think it’s very unfair for Tim to say I’ve been disruptive, he said that the majority of people think I’m being disruptive but when you break it down what am I being disruptive about?

“It was challenging them to make them see sense.”

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