Sonam Babani Shocks Guests in Unique Versace Lehenga

Known as a “Fashioneiress”, influencer Sonam Babani showed off her style once again, wearing a Versace-printed lehenga at her bridal dinner.

Sonam Babani Shocks Guests in Unique Versace Lehenga


She paid close attention to every last detail

Sonam Babani, this week’s bride of the week, jumped on the bandwagon and shone on her special day in a unique Versace lehenga.

Bridal fashion has significantly changed over time.

Brides are making an effort to set an example with their outfits, whether it is by sporting pastel colours or accessorising their wedding looks with priceless jewellery.

Also, more and more Indian brides today choose stylish clothing for their big day.

Fashion influencer Sonam Babani tied the knot with her love, Neil Sanghvi, in a picturesque ceremony.

Amid Switzerland’s snow-capped mountains, she and her spouse exchanged vows.

Aside from the scenic destination wedding venue, the talk of the town is Sonam’s distinctive designer outfits for her wedding festivities.

Specifically, what struck the attention of her guests and people online was her attire for the rehearsal dinner.

The soon-to-be bride wore a Versace-printed lehenga for the evening.

Sonam Babani Shocks Guests in Unique Versace Lehenga

The gown was created for her beachside wedding celebration in Bodrum, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed.

Yet, the fashion influencer didn’t cut corners with her festivities and opted to wear her outfit to her wedding rehearsal dinner in the highlands two years later.

Sonam wanted a simple appearance for her rehearsal dinner so she could appreciate the events along with family and friends without becoming overwhelmed.

She chose a stunning thigh-high split skirt in black with glittering embroidery on the band and striking golden Medusa patterns all over the fabric.

The fashion influencer matched the skirt with a deep round neck blouse in a similar shade that was embellished with golden embroidery and jewels.

To amp up her dazzling look, Sonam decided to opt out of accessorising the outfit with a traditional dupatta.

Sonam Babani Shocks Guests in Unique Versace Lehenga

With her attire for the rehearsal dinner, the bride made sure to surprise everyone.

She paid close attention to every last detail of her style for the event to ensure that it was striking.

Sonam emphasised her over-the-top appearance with emerald jewellery.

With a stunning emerald necklace, matching earrings, a ring, and a diamond bracelet, she had kept her outfit understated.

She wore jewellery from the LS Javeri jewellery brand.

Sonam’s heels were a standout feature of her ensemble for the rehearsal dinner.

She finished off her appearance with a pair of gorgeous black Aevitas platform shoes that had a Versace belt embellished with diamonds.

Sonam Babani Shocks Guests in Unique Versace Lehenga

Sonam posted a drawing of her dress on her Instagram account on May 8, 2022.

She even compared a sketch to reality. Her attire for the rehearsal dinner is depicted in caricature in the image.

A note from Donatella Versace, the company’s founder, was also written on the image.

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