Asian Wedding Fashion for Guests

Weddings always tend to focus on the bride and groom but what about Asian wedding fashion for guests? We look at what’s popular for the invited guests!

Wedding Fashion

Asian weddings are always over the top and executed on a grand scale.

When it comes to weddings, finding the perfect outfit can be a bit of a daunting task. And we don’t just mean for the bride and groom.

It is likely as a guest your will attend more than one wedding in a year, but the big question is what are you going to wear?

Whether you’re close family or merely desiring to make a big impression on your attendance, let your wedding attire set the trend! DESIblitz gives you an insight into the hottest trends for Asian wedding fashion for guests in the wedding scene.

Ladies first

Choosing from a range of outfits, designs and styles can be one of the best things about being a woman, but it can also be the worst. This is where DESIblitz steps in.

If you find yourself confused amongst the complexity of sari pleats or weighed down by heavy embroidery on anarkali suits then look no further as we have some solutions for you!

Ready, steady, GO!

Wedding Fashion

For those of you that find that sari pleats are a nuisance, why not invest your money and time in a ready pleated sari? It’s one of the best ideas that Indian fashion designers could have invented. No trouble, no panicking and you can be sure to arrive at your venue on time!

Ready pleated saris not only make your life a little easier but they also provide detailed bead or sequin work for that extra bit of sparkle. The great thing about these saris is that you can decide how much you want to show off.

For example, you can team ready pleated saris with the simplicity of CZ (Cubic zirconia) necklaces and earrings for an elegant, low maintenance look. The ready pleated sari is versatile, therefore you can amplify your look by wearing polki jewellery.

The stonework on the jewellery is beautiful and can brighten up almost any outfit. So with ready pleated saris you have the option of being subtle or taking things stylishly out of proportion.

The choice is yours. Vivaah have a big selection of ready pleated saris to choose from ranging from £60 to over £100. Shopping online may be a lot cheaper than in store.

Summer shades

wedding fashion

Summer weddings can be tiresome and leave you lethargic by the end of the afternoon or in the case of wedding receptions until 1am!

But we all know that the sun is no excuse to stop partying and enjoying yourselves as guests. So DESIblitz suggests that in order to brighten up your mood, you need to brighten up your outfits.

That’s right, pastel shades set the summer mood way before the sun is set to kick in. Leave your resplendent embroidery to work its magic in the summer sunshine. Soft yellows and baby blues welcome the summer with open arms and leave you feeling a bit lighter unlike dark colours.

Not forgetting the various shades of green. Greens are always great if you feel the heat is too much. Not only do mints, emeralds and bottle greens look great under the sun but they also keep you feeling cool and relaxed.

Accessorising the outfit

Wedding Fashion

Now that we’ve covered the quickest way to put your outfit on and the colour palettes of this season, it’s time to add those final touches. People usually think that wearing saris and lehengas cover the feet so it doesn’t really matter what shoes you wear.

Don’t listen to those people! If you get the shoes wrong, you could potentially lose credibility for your outfit altogether. Unze have a range of shoes at sale price to suit almost any outfit.

It’s best to purchase neutral colours so that you are able to wear them again and again. With beadwork on the side of the shoes, eyes will be on you wherever you walk.

Revamped kurtas and sherwanis

Wedding Fashion

Men! You may be limited to kurtas and sherwanis, but fear not because designers have a range of designs with you in mind. For men that are not satisfied with a simple sherwani, there are designs that separate you from the rest of the male guests attending.

The latest sherwani designs feature unorthodox colour palettes and innovative fabric choices. Designs by Deepak Parwani are sure to astound you. Deepak has paired a white sherwani with a hot pink dupatta.

For those that are not as daring, Deepak has worked his magic by adding velvet and foil prints to dupattas and sleeves to create a regal look.

If you’re not close family and still want to look your best then a smart suit is always a winner. High street store, Next have a variety of suits to choose from. Why not try something different and go for the browns and blues this summer?

Prices start from £99 so you can’t go wrong. Next also sell some great formal shoes. Tan is a definitely a summer shade and would look perfect with a brown or blue suit.

Asian weddings are always over the top and executed on a grand scale, so there’s no reason why you as a guest should feel left out. Just a caution before you opt for the blingiest option in store – make sure you don’t outdo the bride or groom!

Jinal is studying English with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. She enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for writing and aspires to be an editor in the near future. Her motto is ‘It’s impossible to fail, as long as you never quit.’

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