Highlights of Moda Fashion Show 2013

Designers showcased their best collections at Moda Fashion Show 2013. Highlights of the three day event saw runway shows and exclusive fashions at the best retail price. DESIblitz were there to witness all.

Moda Fashion Show

"Fashion is a repetition of time, it’s the way you feel about yourself."

The NEC played host to the UK’s largest trade show between August 11 and 14, 2013, with stalls and catwalks filled with future fashion trends for men and women. Buyers and visitors were able to browse collections and buy garments from designer labels at the best retail price.

Moda is the first choice for buyers sourcing the hottest new season collections. With international labels and the best British designs – Moda 2013 was sure not to disappoint!

Fashion shows took place throughout the day, showcasing footwear, gowns, swimwear, suits and many more for spectators and exhibitors to enjoy, the addition of FLIP to the line-up ensured there were great products for retailers looking for young, urban and street trends.

Moda Fashion Show 2013A buzz could be felt surrounding the catwalk as exhibitors and visitors eagerly awaited the reveal of the lingerie and swimwear show. As slender models sashayed down the runway sporting beautifully cut and coloured items, the trends could be seen easily.

The cropped corset and bandeau bras were the statement pieces for both swimwear and lingerie. 70’s style halter necks also made an appearance with bright prints and mesh on one-pieces.

The fashion on your feet is also important for beach wear, with Aztec printed high-tops to pair with everything! The style message for this collection is most definitely more is more!

Natraj jewellery were the trendsetters for bindi’s and the first to break into an English market. The manufacturers showcased beautiful crystal headpieces, bangles, earring and wedding sets. When speaking to Kirti Patel, Director of Natraj, she said: “We have been trying to get Asian style into the English market by creating simple crystal bangles and head-pieces which will appeal to the majority.”

Throughout the day seminars were held from professionals to help business owners improve their cash flow and budgets. These seminars gave a real insight into the trade industry. Thierry Boyle from Global Fashion Management said: “Fashion is about creativity but most of the time people don’t know how to implement it.”

Moda Fashion Show 2013Midday showed the beginning of the woman’s catwalk, which donned many designer and contemporary brands.

Block colours of orange, yellow and lime green shone through the runway accompanied by layered, chunky crystal bangles and sparkling pink shoes.

Forest prints are a must for this season and the next with dropped hem dresses and floral printed shirts.

When asked about the new trends for autumn/winter 2013, brand Phool stated: “The trend for women will continue to be prints in kaftans and trousers and bold colours will show the Eastern feel.”

India based Kishore Shyamsunder also agreed with these trends and emphasised the influence from South American and Japan: “Wearing a light scarf is always a trend throughout the year and our prints have been inspired by Japanese flowers and bright Latin American colours.”

Fabulous fashion designer, Shefali Vohra had her beautiful hand made pieces on the racks at Moda. Her line is inspired by the beauty and colour of nature; the colour of thunderstorms, sunrise, twilight and the ocean.

Moda Fashion Show 2013When discussing fashion-designing Shefali says: “Fashion is a repetition of time, it’s the way you feel about yourself. It’s about cut, silhouette, conformity, comfortability and all that mantra.”

Shefali has taken inspiration from Phantom of the Opera by designing lace, low cut dresses with gloves and romantic cuts to create a sexy look for a woman.

Trends for men were also made apparent throughout the event, with companies such as Ed Baxter clothing, Daniel Voi and Calvin Klein socks stocking casual and formal wear.

Winners of the best menswear award in 2011, Farah were also present with there 1920’s and Farah classics collection. Jason McKey, national accounts manager, commented on Farah’s collections by saying: “Our 1920’s range is for the older man with style, its more authentic whereas our classic collection and vintage collection is very on trend and a lot brighter.”

Moda Fashion

The collection showed printed shirts with funky pocket squares and the return of coloured chord trousers. When asked if an event like Moda has been beneficial for Farah, McKey responded by saying:

“It’s a good environment for our classic business here because we always see new customers we sometimes wouldn’t see on the road. This is our 4th time doing this and it’s always been good for us.”

Farah clothing can be found in Asos, Debenhams, Urban Outfitters and many department stores nationally.

Moda Fashion Show 2013Another brand, which the Moda event has helped this year is Future cut clothing. Started only 6 months ago, Future partnered with menswear brand Duke clothing to create a more contemporary and casual collection for men inspired by Japan, Vegas and South America.

The company representative Stephen Spellacy said: “We didn’t want to put out a collection that was playing catch up, we figured we rather put it out there and scare a few people and then have companies appreciate the collection because they have done something similar.”

For men, accessories now play an important role for creating an outfit. Pocket squares, bags, bow ties and braces all appeared on the stalls. Bright colours and printed tee’s will be seen for autumn winter and blazers with floral prints, elbow patches and coloured pockets will create the perfect suited and booted man.

Moda Fashion Show 2013It became apparent Moda 2013 was a platform for companies to showcase their fantastic collections for exhibitors to appreciate. There may have always been negativity around trade shows but Moda helps traders with potential business while getting them established.

The day began and ended in the same way; surrounded by people who love fashion. Catwalks, stalls and seminars made for an interactive day with designers, experts and exhibitors and were surely great for business!

The fashion conscious world will not be disappointed with the collections presented by all the brands at Moda. It is clear 2014 will be a show fashion favourites and more new brands waiting to showcase themselves on their stalls and the catwalk.

Huma is a Media student with a passion for writing anything fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. Being a bookworm, her motto in life is: "If you only read what everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

Photos by Richard Simpson.