Wedding Guests crash £198k Lamborghini on Motorway

Two men were seen showing off in a £198,000 Lamborghini Huracan on the way to a wedding, however, they allegedly ended up crashing on the motorway.

Wedding Guests crash £198k Lamborghini on Motorway f

"They're a f****** nuisance no regard for other road users"

Two wedding guests filmed themselves showing off in a £198,000 Lamborghini before “crashing it on a busy motorway”.

The two men uploaded the footage onto Snapchat laughing and playing music inside a Lamborghini Huracan as they travel to a wedding.

Several clips were uploaded to social media with the caption: “Wedding season drive with care”.

The videos show the men speeding down the motorway before one cuts to the vehicle smashed up and covered in branches at the side of the road.

Police discovered a similar vehicle next to Junction 1 of the M66 in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester on July 28, 2019, but they have not confirmed if it is the same car.

Snapchat user ‘aakaf’ took the videos, which show the two men in traditional wedding attire driving the white supercar.

The driver is seen speeding up on every straight road before slowing down to avoid crashing into the back of cars.

Wedding Guests crash £198k Lamborghini on Motorway

One clip showed several supercars speeding around a roundabout with a red one undertaking an orange one.

The Lamborghini driver aggressively revs the engine several times, before he suddenly has to brake.

In one clip, they are seen speeding down an empty road with the roof down.

Prior to the crash, they were driving around Blackburn on July 27, 2019, before the phone battery dies.

A separate clip shows the damaged car with officers at the scene. They are speaking to the drivers and asking them to leave their details so they can be in touch.

However, the two men are heard saying “no no” when asked if the car is theirs. They claimed it was a hire.

A police officer then says “in that case gents!” before the clip cuts off.

Wedding Guests crash £198k Lamborghini on Motorway 2

Gulab Khan wrote under the Snapchat posts: “If they drove in a civilised way this wouldn’t have happened.”

Tony Khan posted: “They’re a f****** nuisance no regard for other road users hope they all crash.”

Marti Turner commented: “It’s crazy. You can simply jump into a supercar with probably zero experience for a few quid and yet people wonder how it goes wrong. The worlds gone mental.”

Sarfraz Amg Malik added:

“This is what happens when you drive high performance cars and supercars fast in the rain.”

“A bunch of t**s. Good luck getting your deposit back because you ain’t getting jack s***. This is the definition of what a screwdriver looks like, not a driver.”

Greater Manchester Police’s traffic team released pictures of the smashed car.

The Daily Mail reported that they explained that enquiries are ongoing. Officers have not confirmed if the car is the same one that was seen in the videos.

Officers said: “The driver of this Lamborghini lost control on standing water and took out a section of barrier before making off on foot prior to police arrival.

“A very expensive mistake. They don’t make very good boats. Vehicle recovered and enquiries ongoing.”

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Images courtesy of Press Association

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