Saqib Malik reveals details about Working with Meera

Saqib Malik recently opened up about working with renowned Meera on his 2019 film ‘Baaji’, revealing both good and bad aspects.

Saqib Malik reveals details about Working with Meera f

"I would love to work with Meera again"

Saqib Malik appeared on Dawn News’ show and shared his experience of working with Meera on the film Baaji.

The filmmaker expressed that working with Meera was a profoundly enriching experience.

He said: “Working with Meera was a great experience. She was wonderful to work with.

“There were many stories and rumours about her, and people talked a lot, but the film was successfully completed.

“It hit the screens and became a success.”

Saqib elaborated on the dedication and passion that drove the making of Baaji, describing it as a “labour of love”.

Emphasising his admiration for Meera’s talent, Saqib continued:

“I would love to work with Meera again because she is incredibly talented. She has a very expressive face that communicates so much.

“You don’t need to do much with her face, as it tells thousands of stories on its own.”

However, Saqib Malik also candidly revealed some of the challenges he faced while working with Meera.

He pointed out: “Meera brings great energy to the set, but her drawback is that she is easily influenced and tends to believe others too readily.

“She is also superstitious and gives weight to hearsay.”

Nevertheless, Saqib Malik was unequivocal in his praise for Meera’s performance in Baaji.

He stated: “Ask anyone, and they will tell you that the appreciation Meera received for her role in Baaji. It is incredible. This is all due to her hard work.”

Netizens left comments on the interview.

A user wrote: “Despite her annoying behaviour, she did rock in Baaji. Her acting was really good.”

Another said:

“Saqib Malik can never go flop. His choice of casting is very apt and accurate every single time.”

However, one commented: “Honestly, Meera does seem very gullible and dumb. I feel sad for her.”

Saqib Malik is a prominent Pakistani filmmaker, producer and director who has established a remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

He is particularly noted for his extensive work in directing music videos.

His notable projects include popular music videos such as ‘Khumaj’, ‘Na Re Na’, ‘Love Mein Gum’ and ‘Laghzish E Mastana’, among others.

However, his most acclaimed work to date is the feature film Baaji, released in 2019.

Baaji featured a star-studded cast and was a huge hit in Pakistan.

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