Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik Separation Rumours Reignite

Sania Mirza has again reignited divorce rumours with her recent Instagram Story. Many people think that the couple have separated.

Are Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik heading for Divorce f

“Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.”

Sania Mirza has once again sparked divorce rumours with Shoaib Malik.

Social media users spotted an Instagram Story posted by the retired tennis player with a quote that read:

“Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.”

Sania tied the knot with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010 and they are parents to a five-year-old boy.

The rumours about their divorce first sparked in November 2022 when Sania Mirza started sharing cryptic posts. Netizens speculated that there might be trouble in paradise.

The divorce rumours were also fuelled by Ayesha Omar and Shoaib Malik’s bold photoshoot, which featured the pair posing in a swimming pool.

People started to think Ayesha Omar was the reason for their marriage allegedly being on the rocks.

However, the Pakistani actress addressed the rumours, saying:

“I will never be attracted to a married or committed man ever. Everyone knows me… that goes without saying.”

She stated that the picture session happened in 2021, but it was recently brought up in the media.

She claimed that although the photoshoot she did with Shoaib was professional in nature, some individuals misinterpreted it.

The rumours died down when it was revealed that Sania and Shoaib would be hosting their own talk show, The Mirza Malik Show.

When asked, Shoaib Malik expressed how much he had missed Sania during the Eid Holidays. He claimed that they couldn’t spend them together due to Sania’s being busy with IPL.

Following this, in August 2023, Shoaib Malik removed the text: ‘Husband to a Superwoman @mirzasaniar’, from his Bio.

In October 2023, their son turned five and Sania took to her Instagram to share a birthday post.

However, people were quick to notice that the carousel didn’t have a single picture that included Shoaib Malik.

One of them said: “No picture with father, only with your family?”

Another asked: “Where is your husband?”

One wrote: “Shoaib Malik is not in any photo. All is not well…”

Another remarked: “They are separated.”

The post was also captioned:

“No matter how dark it is around me, your smile makes it all better.”

After Shoaib Malik also posted pictures from his son’s birthday, it was confirmed that he indeed had been in attendance.

However, Sania did not post a picture with him in the frame. Moreover, the carousel that Shoaib shared on his Instagram featured pictures with only his son.

Sania could be seen in the background randomly, not posing for the pictures.

Now with Sania Mirza posting quotes that mention divorce, netizens have wondered if they have parted ways.

Considering her silence on previous rumours, it seems unlikely that she will address them this time.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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