Shoaib Malik sparks Divorce Rumours with Sania Mirza

Shoaib Malik has sparked divorce rumours with Sania Mirza after making a subtle change to his Instagram bio.

Why did Shoaib Malik & Sania Mirza Celebrate Eid Separately f

Shoaib Malik has fuelled divorce rumours again after he made a change to his Instagram bio.

Previously known as “Sania Mirza’s husband”, his bio now reads “being a father is the greatest blessing in this world”.

Shoaib married tennis star Sania Mirza in 2010 and together they have a son named Izhan Mirza-Malik.

Divorce speculations first surfaced in November 2022 after fans noticed subtle hints that indicated all was not well in their marriage.

Fans also questioned the pair when it appeared that Sania had gone to perform Umrah with their son, but Shoaib was nowhere to be seen on the trip.

Speaking on Score, Shoaib attempted to put the rumours to rest by explaining that he was unable to join his wife and son due to other commitments.

He said: “When they [Sania and Izhan] went to perform Umrah I had commitments here and when I took a break I went to Dubai to spend time with Izhan. Sania has commitments in the IPL.

“Everybody needs to understand we belong to different countries and have our own commitments.”

Shoaib went on to say that he did not focus on the negative rumours and that neither he nor Sania had released any statements regarding a separation.

Questioned about being unfollowed on social media by Sania, he revealed that he was unaware of this development.

Shoaib went on to say that ups and downs were part of any relationship and that this was the way of life.

He revealed that due to Sania’s commitments with IPL side Royal Challengers Bangalore, the pair were unable to spend Eid together.

He admitted that he missed his wife and son, but their professional calendars were not yet aligned.

In Shoaib’s latest Instagram upload, viewers noticed that the cricketer looked tired. Some even recognised that he had removed his wife’s name from his bio.

One comment read:

“You have removed Sania’s name from your bio. It hurts to see this. You made a beautiful couple.”

Another said: “Sir, you have the ability to become the same Shoaib Malik as before. Keep strong!”

Similarly, Sania Mirza has uploaded various photos on her Instagram and it is evident that she is not wearing her wedding ring.

On more than one occasion, fans of the now-retired tennis player have questioned Shoaib’s absence but Sania has not addressed them.

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