Salman Khan to get Married in November 2016?

It finally seems like wedding bells are ringing for the ‘Bhai’ Salman Khan. DESIblitz has more scoop on the Sultan actor’s marriage plans!

Salman Khan to get Married in November 2016?

November is going to be the special month for Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will reportedly shift to a new house and mentions a potential date for marriage.

Salman Khan has lived at Galaxy Apartments, the time has now come for the Dabanng Khan to move into a new building named ‘Little Star’, on Carter Road in Mumbai, which he has purchased.

Salman’s parents will stay at a house in the building and it is believed that his ‘friend’ Lulia Vantur will be moving in with him. Therefore, making the marriage speculation more of a confirmation.

Lulia Vantur who is Romanian, is a fitness model and reality show host from Spain, which is where Salman first met her.

The news is that November is going to be the special month for Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur and the date is 18th of November 2016.

At the launch of Sania Mriza’s autobiography, the 50-year-old actor was quizzed about his marriage, to which he replied, “18th November.”

Salman mentions:

“Yes. 18th November. Yeh 18th November, yeh kuch bees pachees November se chal raha hai. Lekin pata nahi kaunse saal main hoga. Lekin hoga. (This 18th November has been going on for the last 20-25 Novembers. I don’t know which year it will happen but it will happen).”

Interestingly, this is the same date as the wedding of Salman’s parents – Salim and Salma Khan – and his sister Arpita.

Salman Khan to get Married in November 2016?

However, Salman Khan’s younger brother is still applying diplomacy to his answers about the marriage and says:

“This has always been the case. Inshallah, he will marry when he wants to. He has had ex-girlfriends and has one now, but he feels that whenever he decides the day, he wouldn’t want such pomp, show and noise around it. He will do it quietly and will be careful about it.”

Whilst Salman has been shooting for Kabir Khan’s Tubelight, Lulia has rushed back home to Romania, to complete visa renewals which runs out in November.

A close source reveals:

“Since there are no set rules for foreigners to ask for Indian citizenship, Iulia will have to obtain residency that will be renewed from time to time. Citizenship is granted as an exception and the authorities need strong recommendations, so Salman is trying his best. He will be back in town tonight and look into the matter.”

Well, we look forward to more confirmation on Bhai Ki Shaadi!

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