Saba Azad responds to Hate for Dating Hrithik Roshan

Saba Azad has been dating Hrithik Roshan for over a year and she opened up about the hate she gets for her relationship with him.

Saba Azad responds to Hate for Dating Hrithik Roshan f

"I am not made of stone, it hits you."

Saba Azad has detailed the hate she gets on social media for dating Hrithik Roshan, admitting that it makes her “feel like s***”.

The pair have been in a relationship since early 2022 but they received a mixed reaction from social media users.

While many expressed their happiness over the relationship, others mocked their age gap due to the fact that Saba is more than 10 years younger than Hrithik.

Speaking about “scary” paparazzi culture, Saba said:

“I am a very private person, everyone around me will vouch for it.

“I barely step out, I love being at home. Hence, it was very daunting in the beginning. It was scary. I won’t lie.

“I felt exposed in a way I never felt before.

“However, you understand and empathise that I may not relate to paparazzi culture but that guy who is taking a photo is doing his job.

“There is some space in the market which is curious about other people’s lives. He is filling that space. I am existing and doing my job.”

On the hate she received after her relationship with Hrithik became public, Saba admitted:

“It’s taken me quite some time to come to a place where I treat everything else as white noise because hatred is palpable.

“I am not made of stone, it hits you. You feel like s**t.

“There are days when you wake up and you wonder ‘What did I do to anyone? What did I do to you? I am living my life, you live yours, why are you waiting for my blood?’

“But at some point, you realise you are not responsible for how people think and what they are projecting on you are what they are going through.

“It has nothing to do with you. Once you realise that, peace prevails.”

On the work front, Saba Azad is coming off the release of her show Who’s Your Gynac? which was released on September 28, 2023.

Saba plays 28-year-old Dr Vidushi Kothari, an obstetrician and gynaecologist who battles her own share of personal and professional issues while solving clinical cases that come her way.

Praising the show and Saba, Hrithik wrote:

“Every actor deserves applause. Thank you for the laughs and the tears. And @sabazad, how amazing are you? You should be so proud of this one.”

“What an incredibly heartwarming show this is! Binge watched all episodes, just couldn’t stop.

“Great work guys, I hope there is more! Congratulations to the entire team!”

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