Rima Tadmory presents ‘A Tale of Two Tailors’ Fashion Show

Designer Rima Tadmory presents ‘A Tale of Two Tailors’, a charity fashion show to help raise funds for widows in Bangladesh. DESIblitz has more.

Rima Tadmory presents ‘A Tale of Two Tailors’ Fashion Show

“Classic tools & simple lives stitching together a better future.”

Birmingham welcomes the first charity fashion show led by the Lebanese couture designer, Rima Tadmory.

The fundraiser is in collaboration with prominent charity, Islamic Relief, and features the most talented social media personalities from YouTube and Instagram.

On September 24, 2016, the fashion show ‘A Tale of Two Tailors,’ taking place at the Edgbaston Exhibition Hall, aims to raise funds for widows in Bangladesh.

The talent behind the fashion event is Rima Tadmory, an ambassador for Islamic Relief, who has combined her outstanding fashion skills with voluntary giving of help.

Alongside showcasing her elegant and luxurious fabric dresses, Rima is actively supporting charity projects, by raising awareness across the fashion industry.

For ‘A Tale of Two Tailors,’ Rima has invited popular blogger Dina Tokio to host through the runway. Along with the best of Birmingham’s makeup and hair artist.

They include Sadia Hussain, Sofia Qayyum, along with floral decor designer, Bits and Blooms, and famous YouTuber, Habiba Da Silva.

All of these outstanding personalities will feature live tutorials and workshops, an incredible social media combination on Birmingham’s platform.


And indeed, the success of ‘A Tale of Two Tailors’ will bring hope. Helping widows to earn a decent income to build a brighter future for their children.

Also supporting the event are fashion internship students. Rima has given students an excellent opportunity to assist in the creation of the collection.

In addition, funds from the event will provide widows training and equipment to start a selling business. Including sewing machines and materials.

As a result, funds will help the widows to develop their potential as talented tailors.

Recently, Rima visited Bangladesh alongside Islamic Relief to work on the projects. The gifted designer supported the widows with their embroidery products. Her tailoring expertise skills were seen as an encouragement.

She describes this as:

“An experience of a lifetime, and a push towards the greater good,” as mentioned in her Bangladesh Youtube video.

She further added on her Instagram account: “Classic tools & simple lives stitching together a better future.”

Rima now seeks to raise funds to provide for the needy. Her partnership with Islamic Relief will represent to them new opportunities from across the UK.

Both Islamic Relief and Rima share a vision of fundraising, which emerges from fashion and social media platforms.

Offering this unique runway movement, ‘A Tale of Two Tailors’ will develop into an exceptional catwalk, supporting a charitable trust, representing social media personalities, and assisting fashion students.

For the latest updates, follow Rima Tadmory’s Instagram account.

The VIP package and tickets for ‘A Tale of Two Tailors’ are available to purchase here.

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Images courtesy of Taybah Qureshi and Islamic Relief UK