Pakistani Family of 9 share the same Birthday

A Pakistani family of nine remarkably all share the same birthday. This has been recognised as a Guinness World Record.

Pakistani Family of 9 share the same Birthday f

Each child was conceived and born naturally.

The Mangi family, from Larkana, Pakistan, all share the same birthday.

The family of nine consists of Ameer Ali, his wife Khudeja and their seven children aged 19 to 30 – Sindhoo, Aamir, Ambar, female twins Sasui and Sapna, and male twins Ammar and Ahmar.

Their birthday is on August 1, a world record for the most family members born on the same day.

For Ameer and Khudeja, the date is extra special as it is also their wedding anniversary.

They got married in 1991, one year before their eldest daughter was born.

The seven Mangi children also hold the record for the most siblings born on the same day.

The record was previously held by five children from the United States’ Cummins family, who were all born on February 20 between 1952 and 1966.

Until the Mangi family was discovered, this was the only verified example of a family producing five children with the same birthday.

Ameer was “surprised and delighted” after his first child, Sindhoo, was born on August 1, 1992.

He says that he and Khudeja were equally surprised when each successive birth occurred on the same date, calling it a “gift from God”.

Each child was conceived and born naturally. None were delivered prematurely via caesarean section, nor was Khudeja’s labour ever induced early.

Ameer says: “It was all natural; from Allah.”

He added that he did not intentionally plan for his children to be born on the same day.

Ameer and Khudeja were “quite surprised” when their twin boys, Ammar and Ahmar, were born in 2003, five years after twin girls Sasui and Sapna were born.

This is the fifth verified example of a mother producing two sets of twins with the same birthday, equalling the record for the most twin siblings born on the same day.

August 1 is a joyous occasion in the Mangi household.

Sasui said:

“Earlier we used to celebrate our birthdays in a simple manner, but now we do it a lot more and with a lot of happiness.”

The family share one birthday cake rather than having nine individual ones.

Ameer and Khudeja are “delighted” to share a birthday with their children.

According to Ameer, the children are “cheerful” about having the same birthday as each other.

After receiving the Guinness World Record title, Ameer felt “much obliged to God on bestowing this world record”.

Ameer added that having the same birthday has “proven to be very lucky” for his family.

The family’s upcoming birthday will be extra special as Khudeja is turning 50 and Ambar is turning 21.

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