Pakistani Doctor imprisons & tortures Sister for 4 Years

In a shocking incident, a Pakistani doctor from Lahore allegedly imprisoned and tortured his own sister in a four-year ordeal.

Pakistani Doctor imprisons & tortures Sister for 4 Years f

"my brother and his wife would torture me"

A police investigation is underway after a Pakistani doctor allegedly imprisoned his own sister in a room in his house for four years.

It was also alleged that he subjected her to torture in an attempt to avoid having to pay her share of the inheritance.

Police have identified the suspect as Faraz Munir, a resident of Lahore.

Police raided Munir’s home in Valencia Town and took his sister, Shabnam Farooq, into their custody.

In her police complaint, Shabnam claimed that Munir had confined her to a room in his house for four years.

She went on to say that due to his influence as a doctor, her brother had prepared documents which stated that she was mentally ill.

Going on to detail her ordeal, Shabnam revealed that she was sent to psychiatric hospitals on and off during this time.

She added: “Once I was discharged, my brother and his wife would torture me and even gave me medicine which ruined my mental health.”

The victim said that 10 years ago, she left her home and moved to Multan where she began working for a bank as well as a call centre.

However, the Pakistani doctor forced his sister to live with his family in Lahore.

The victim told police that Munir had sold their father’s house and in a bid not to give her any money, he confined her to a room in his house.

Shabnam recalled: “But Faraz came there and forced to come and live with his family in Lahore, all this just because he sold our father’s house for Rs 1.4 million (£6,300) and didn’t give me a single penny.”

The alleged victim told officers that she was able to phone a neighbour who in turn called the police and told them about the alleged confinement and torture.

The neighbour said that screams could be heard from the house.

It was reported that Munir was arrested and is in custody.

In another incident of torture, a child maid was physically abused by her two employers at their home in Faisalabad.

Police officers on patrol found the girl by the side of a road in Samanabad after she was able to escape her tormentors’ house.

When she was asked what happened, she explained her ordeal at the hands of her owners.

She alleged that she was abused by a man named Rana Awais and his wife Sonia. They had hired the girl to work as a housemaid for them.

The young girl said: “The owner of the house Rana Awais and his wife Sonia abused me but somehow, I managed to escape from their detention.”

Medical tests revealed that she had sustained severe injuries all over her body. Police officers stated that the injuries signalled that she had been tortured while working for Awais.

The suspects burnt the ears, arms and legs of the child maid. They also fractured some of her fingers.

While the victim was handed over to the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB), a case was registered against the suspects.

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