Mother ‘lured’ Saman Abbas to Death with Bogus Text

It has been reported that Pakistani teenager Saman Abbas was lured to her death with a bogus text message that was sent by her mother.

Saman Abbas to Death with Bogus Text f

Her body was allegedly buried in a field

Saman Abbas was allegedly killed by members of her family in Italy after she refused an arranged marriage in Pakistan.

It is now believed that the 18-year-old was lured home by her mother who had sent a text message, claiming that the family would respect her wishes.

It was reported that Saman’s mother sent her daughter a message saying:

“Please get in touch, come home. We are dying. Come back, we’ll do as you say.”

The message was reportedly sent to Saman while she was staying at the hostel she had fled to after refusing to enter an arranged marriage.

However, Saman returned home on April 22, 2021. She disappeared from her home in Novellara a week later.

It is believed that she was strangled to death by her uncle Danish Hasnain.

Her body was allegedly buried in a field and is yet to be found.

Her parents Shabbar Abbas and Nazia Shaheen are said to have fled to Pakistan. Both are under investigation.

Saman’s uncle is said to have carried out the killing. He is believed to be on the run somewhere in Europe.

Cousins Nomanulhaq and Ikram Ijaz are also under investigation.

While Nomanulhaq remains on the run, Ikram was arrested in France on May 28, 2021.

Officers are still searching for Saman’s body.

In early June 2021, Saman’s brother told a preliminary investigations judge that her uncle admitted killing her.

The night before her disappearance, Saman Abbas got into an argument with her family over the arranged marriage.

Saman allegedly said: “Give me my documents.”

Her father reportedly asked her: “Do you want to marry someone else?”

Saman replied: “No, I want to go away.”

After her disappearance came to light, the parents claimed she was in Belgium.

The five suspects are under investigation for premeditated murder.

According to Italian Police, Danish referred to a “job well done” to a friend in an internet chat room. Officers believe it was in reference to Saman’s murder and disposal of her body.

Saman also reportedly overheard her family saying that murder was “the only solution” for women who did not obey the Pakistani way of life.

She suspected that “they are talking about me”.

Saman told her boyfriend about the conversation.

After her disappearance, CCTV footage emerged which showed three people carrying shovels heading towards some fields.

They are believed to be Danish, Nomanulhaq and Ikram.

The trio are seen leaving the house at 7:15 pm on April 29 and returning at 9:50 pm that evening.

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