Mitali Rannorey talks being a Model and Kingfisher Calendar 2018

In an exclusive interview with DESIblitz, Indian model Mitali Rannorey talks about her appearance on the Kingfisher Calendar 2018, funny modelling stories and her favourite Bollywood actor!

Mitali gazing at camera and in Kingfisher Calendar 2018

"[The Kingfisher Calendar shoot] was an amazing experience to get to work with the best."

Mitali Rannorey is a Marathi model, hailing from Bangalore. She features as one of four up-and-coming models to grace the anticipated Kingfisher Calendar 2018.

Promising to be bigger and bolder than before, the calendar depicts Mitali in stunning photoshoots. Oozing glamour and sex appeal with her beauty and charm.

But her career nearly took a different turn – one quite different to the world of modelling! The starlet originally pursued engineering and studied a university degree in the field.

However, prior to her graduation, she met one of Bangalore’s top fashion stylists Prasad Bidapa. He encouraged her to take up modelling, with her soon appearing at Lakmé Fashion Week.

Since then, she has enjoyed a rising career and walked for top designers such as Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani and Sabyasachi. Mitali has also become a regular fixture in global fashion shows, visiting London, Dubai, Singapore and more.

One cannot forget her sizzling cover shoots for the iconic magazines Vogue, Grazia and Femina! With an impressive list of accolades, no wonder Mitali features on the Kingfisher Calendar 2018.

In an exclusive interview, she speaks to DESIblitz about her time at the calendar’s shoot, her fond memories of modelling and who her favourite Bollywood actor is!

Tell us about your upbringing and family background. Does your family support you for your career choice? Any challenges?

My family has always been extremely supportive. The only condition they had was for me to complete my graduation and then venture out into whatever I wanted to. In regard to my upbringing, I’ve been raised in a convent school and hence had the best of both worlds – education and fun.

Mitali wearing a black bikini for Kingfisher Calendar 2018

My family has always done their best to fulfil every need of mine. My father works in a private firm, my mother is a homemaker and my sister works as a financial associate with one of the biggest electronic brands.

When did you realise you wanted to be a model?

It was never a realisation. I just let things happen and went with the flow. After my studies, Lakmé Fashion Week happened in the next month and then I was never looking back. I just kept going forward with all the opportunities that kept coming my way.

It was much later when I realised that modelling had become a profession. And there never has been a moment of regret.

What are your most fond memories of doing the ramp?

It has to be my first time I did a show ever! I didn’t know how to walk in high heels and that was the first time I was thrown on the ramp with super high, pencil heels.

I don’t remember seeing any audience or cameras since I was so nervous. All I could think of then was not falling! It was a nightmare for me! I just couldn’t wait to get done with the show.

What is a seasonal model and how did you get selected?

Seasonal model is one who is walking for both the seasons – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter – of the fashion weeks. And I suppose you get to be one when the fashion week jury decides on you being a part of the fashion shows time and again.

How did you find the Kingfisher calendar shoot?

It was an amazing experience to get to work with the best. I was a bit nervous initially. But the whole team was so supportive and helpful … and so much fun.

Mitali in a white swimsuit

Any funny stories behind the scenes of the Kingfisher shoot?

While we were shooting at the waters in Brijuni Island, I wanted to get done with the shoot as quickly as possible because the water was freezing. And there were sea urchins and lots of fishes and shellfishes around me.

A few metres behind me, there was something that kept flapping itself.

I was so petrified but tried not to be affected by its presence. Someone scared me saying that it is a shark. The way I ran for my life was so funny! It was so terrifying then but now the thought of it is hilarious.

Do you have a specific diet for your great body for the shoot?

My biggest drawback is sweets. I can’t say no to them. So, I tried to cut that down and strictly eat only healthy vegetables and greens. My workout is always the same.

What makes you laugh?

I can break into a laughter for the silliest things! I really don’t need a reason as such to laugh.

Mitali looking out to the sea

Who is your favourite Bollywood actor and why?

It has to be Amitabh Bachchan. The aura around him is beyond words. His personality and charisma are irreplaceable.

What is your exercise/fitness regime?

I enjoy going for a run. Works as a stress reliever for me. So it basically is cardio and some basic body conditioning.

What would say to other girls wanting to do what you do?

Have faith in what you do and you need to be hardworking. Your faith will never let you down.

Through her words, one can easily recognise Mitali as a passionate, determined model. From feeling nervous in her first show to now looking phenomenal in the Kingfisher Calendar 2018, the starlet enjoys an amazing, exciting career.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Mitali Rannorey!

Find out more about the Kingfisher Calendar 2018 and its models here. Don’t forget to keep up to date with Mitali’s journey and follow her Instagram.

Take a look at our gallery of Mitali Rannorey by clicking on any of the images below!

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Images courtesy of Mitali Rannorey Instagram, Atul Kasbekar Instagram, Vogue and Grazia.

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