Malaika Arora hints at Marriage with Arjun Kapoor

Malaika Arora has revealed that she and boyfriend Arjun Kapoor are thinking about the future of their relationship.

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"we’d love to see a future together"

While Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor have not confirmed any marriage plans, Malaika admitted that the two are thinking about the future of their relationship.

She explained that they have been discussing “what’s next”.

The couple have been in a relationship for a few years.

Sharing more about the stage their relationship is at, Malaika said:

“The most essential part is if we know we want a future together.

“If you are in a relationship where you are still figuring things out and saying, ‘Oh, I don’t know’… that’s not where I stand in my relationship.

“It’s sacred and important to me. I feel we are at a place where we’re thinking of the where-next and what-next parts.

“We discuss things a lot. We’re on the same plane, with similar thoughts and ideas. We really get each other.”

Malaika went on to say that she feels positive and secure whenever she is with Arjun.

She added that they love their life together.

“We’re at a mature stage where there’s still room for more discoveries, but we’d love to see a future together and see where we can take it from here.

“We laugh and joke about it, but we’re damn serious, too.

“You have to feel positive and secure in your relationship. I am very happy and positive.

“Arjun gives me that confidence and surety, and it’s both ways. Yes, I don’t think we should be opening all the cards at once.

“We still love our life and romance together every single day.

“I always tell him that I want to grow old with you. We will figure out the rest, but I know he’s my man.”

In terms of relationships in general, Malaika explained that they are complex and have their own processes.

“Every relationship has its process, its plans and what next and where next. The most essential part is if we know we want a future together.”

Malaika Arora also spoke about her car accident.

She recalled: “That fateful night – I remember there was a lot of blood around me. My family, Arjun (Kapoor), and everyone had rushed in.

“It was after about a week that I saw myself in the mirror, finally. The scar was right there on my forehead — a stark reminder of what had happened, of the fragility of life.

“It wasn’t vanity that came over me at that time. Yes, vanity is crucial in this business, but it was the fact that this scar is a reminder which will stay where I will see it every day.

“Even though this scar will remind me of what happened, it won’t stop me from getting back to life.

“Sometimes, I still recall that night; I was praying for two things. I didn’t want to die that night, and I didn’t want to lose my eyesight.

“When the accident happened, I’m told I was constantly asking for my mother and my son Arhaan.

“I was mumbling about going back on set on Monday. The accident happened on a Saturday night. I didn’t go back on the Monday after the accident. But in 15 days, I did.”

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