Main Tera Hero ~ Review

Main Tera Hero is a romantic action film directed by David Dhawan, father of Varun Dhawan who leads in this caper with Illeana D’Cruz and Nargis Fakhri. Saurin Shah provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.

Like music, films have genres namely, comedy, romance, action, suspense etc; modern age Hindi films in particular can be further classified into Yashraj love-drama, Rohit Shetty’s southern spice, Prakash Jha’s social cinema, Ram Gopal Verma’s mafia stories and of course David Dhawan’s comedy entertainers.

Especially, in late 90s the Govinda-David duo churned out as many as dozen such movies back to back which won Govinda his No.1 title and of course we enjoyed the rolling on floor laughing comedies with apply-no-brain-no-logic condition.

After his last hit “Partner” (2007) David went on about 6 year sabbatical before directing the remake of classic Chashme Baddur (2013), may be he was waiting for his son to grow up and get ready for fame.

Main Tera Hero

It’s quite evident that Main Tera Hero is made to launch Varun as a lovable popular hero with mass appeal who dances, fights, wins heroine’s heart and even tricks and fools dangerous villains with ease.

In a way it’s a complete formula movies with all the ingredients for a compulsive hit.

Although just like most of the recent films officially promoted as ‘comedy’ have merely managed to infuse subtle, light humour rather than bursts and bucket-loads of laughter like Rajababu, Hero No.1, Anari No. 1 and so on, Mein Tera Hero also has sporadic sequences of laughter with some witty dialogues and gimmick situations like the echo of Anupam Kher and whistles of Saurabh Shukla!

You don’t look for story in a David Dhawan entertainer, just sit back and enjoy.
Varun Dhawan establishes himself as a typical filmy hero, the girls too perform well, Anupam and Saurabh are terrific.
Very much David Dhawan style, full entertainment from start to end.
Picturisation, Locations, Costumes are all very good, top production quality.
Very Govinda style, popular songs with peppy music.
It’s a total time pass entertainer, trademark of David Dhawan films. A perfect summer holiday film for masses. Review Scores by Saurin Shah.

Seenu is a notorious kid in a small town near Ooty, infamous among teachers and co-students alike.

A challenge to earn degree after frequent failures in local school takes him to a college in bangalore when he meets Sunaina (Illeana) and immediately falls for her beauty that puts him against menacing police officer Negi. Just when the things look sorted out Seenu faces a bigger challenge to win his love back. How he happens to meet Ayesha (Nargis) and her family in Bangkok is the post interval story.

Varun is a very hard working artist and it’s evident from his first film itself. With average looks and stature, he has developed everything to be recognised and loved as a youth heart-throb, be it his chiseled 6-pack physique, sleek dance moves, enthusiastic dialogue delivery to screen-presence he has’t left any area unpolished.

Illeana has been lucky to play different characters in her short stint with Hindi films and shows good comic timing; although she does look desirable but fans of South Indian films would argue her best had been in the last decade in those telugu movies.

Nargis too flaunts her glamour and does comedy scenes with ease.

Anupam Kher and Saurabh Shukla stand out among everybody and give those crazy laughter moments, even Shakti Kapoor joins the party in a surprise cameo.

David trusts the music duo of Partner to churn out a popular fast-pace tracks with tangy lyrics like Palat and Galat Baat Hai. Besharmi ki Height (on the same tune like “Subah hone na de” from Desi Boys) is a club-type song with amazing set and choreography.

Mein Tera Hero is a formula comedy entertainer to promote Varun as ‘the hero’ with enough glamour and David Dhawan style swagger. It is going to pickup initially among youngsters while it’s fate for the forthcoming weeks will be decided by word-of-mouth feedback and how people like Varun’s histrionics and comedy.

Saurin loves watching movies strongly believing each movie is worth a watch for the sheer hardwork and passion. As a reviewer he is hard to be pleased and his motto is 'A movie must take you to a different world, a world with more beauty, colour, thrill and a lot of sense'