Tips on Keeping Long Distance Relationships Alive

Whether you are already in one, or about to enter into a long distance relationship, DESIblitz brings you 5 tips on how keep your relationship alive.

Tips on Keeping Long Distance Relationships Alive

"She was thrilled with it, and the gesture definitely brought us closer.”

Are you in a long-term relationship?

Perhaps the chance of separation is on the cards due to one of you moving away?

A long distance relationship does not mean it has to inevitably end (despite what people believe).

If you trust and have faith in one another, there is absolutely no reason why the relationship cannot work.

Whether it is moving abroad, or perhaps even moving cities within your own country, adjustment will be hard at first.

But the important thing is to stay committed to each other and make time for each other. Staying in regular contact can make the distance seem a lot shorter, but it will also mean that you remain an important part of each other’s lives.

However, here are some helpful tips to ensure your relationship spark never burns out!

1. Use FaceTime or Skype

Tips on Keeping Long Distance Relationships Alive

One of the worst things about being so far apart is not being able to see each other.

But living in this day and age does have its advantages.

The use of the Internet will surely prove to be a great starting point for your relationship to stay strong.

But the most important and helpful way of staying in contact with your beloved is through Skype, or if you have iPhone or iPad, Facetime.

Skype, which has been around for a few years now, allows people to communicate for free via their laptops using webcam and microphone anywhere in the world.

Facetime also works based on this concept; but can be a lot more accessible and faster to use than Skype.

It also has the option of Facetime Audio which is very helpful if you are speaking to your other half in a public place and cannot go on Facetime.

Preeti, a Sheffield University student, comments on her long-distance relationship:

“My boyfriend studied in America for a year whilst I was completing my final year of university. This was tough for us both, but the use of Facetime and Skype helped the relationship stay alive.

“It was so nice to be able to speak to him and see his face as if he were in the room, and it made the whole ordeal a lot easier to handle.”

2. Use Social Apps like WhatsApp or Couple


Following on from the internet concept, various apps can be used to help couples survive their breaks away from each other.

Whatsapp, iMessage, and even Facebook messenger are always very helpful in these situations, but there are a few apps which are specifically designed for long distance.

The app Couple is a communication app which allows conversation between only you and your other half.

The app allows a calendar option, listing birthdays and anniversaries; shows ‘Moments’ which are a gallery of all the photos you have sent to one another; and has various features to ensure the survival of your relationship.

One of the features allows you to click on a thought bubble, which then immediately sends a message to your partner saying “Thinking of you…”

A nice message to receive in the day!

Another feature includes the ability to sketch and ‘paint’ pictures using your fingers on the touch screen, which shows the fun element to it.

Jesri, 19, says:

“I would really recommend that you get this app if you and your boyfriend are going to be away from each other for a while. It’s fun, and a great way to stay in contact.”

3. Give Each Other Space


Of course, there is such a thing as ‘too much contact’.

With the way technology is today, there is always the temptation to speak to somebody during the day, via various different methods or apps.

But when somebody is moving away, or it is you yourself that is going, the worst thing to do in a relationship is to be constantly trying to get in contact.

It will make the other person either miss you even more, or get slightly fed up with having to talk all the time when they’re getting to grips with a new city or country.

Giving them room to breathe is essential to the survival of a relationship.

Don’t give in to the temptation of messaging every hour of the day, because soon enough, you’ll run out of things to say.

4. Make an Effort to See Each in Person


The key to a successful long distance relationship is to make the effort to visit each other as much as you can. Whether this be one every month or once every six months, relationships depend upon closeness and healthy interaction.

To help with busy schedules and and drumming up the excitement to see your partner again, try a countdown app.

The main idea is to input the date of when you and your partner will be seeing each other again, and the countdown app generates a total of how many days, hours or maybe even minutes that is.

To check the app is a great way to remind yourself, however tough times may be, the countdown is always taking place and soon, it will reach zero!

Good examples of this app are: Countdown+, which allows a variety of events to be counting down on your list, with also the ability to add a picture and show past events.

Another great app to use is Dreamdays Lite, which works in a similar way but includes different features.

Either of these apps will be sure to help positive thinking about when you’ll see your loved one!

5. Write a Letter


As fancy as modern technology may be, traditional romance methods are certainly not dead. It could be nice to revert to the olden days and send each other something in the post.

Whether it be a letter, or maybe even a sentimental photograph, your loved one will feel more at home than before.

Gurminder, Birmingham retail worker, says:

“When my girlfriend went travelling around Australia for six months, I was upset but understanding that she wanted to explore the world.

“After three months, I thought it would be nice to show my affection towards her so I wrote her a short letter and attached a photo of us for her to keep in her backpack.”

“She was absolutely thrilled with it, and the gesture definitely brought us closer.”

Sometimes it really is better to revert back to old fashioned mediums of communication; to show someone you care and are missing them in a thoughtful way is the key to a happy and successful long-distance relationship.

Hopefully our five ways of coping with this have helped you or your partner with their worries.

Just remember, long-distance relationships stand a much better chance of surviving these days than they used to!

It won’t always be easy, but stick with it, be patient and the time will fly by.

Katie is a English graduate specialising in journalism and creative writing. Her interests include dancing, performing and swimming and she strives to keep an active and healthy lifestyle! Her motto is: "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows!"

Images courtesy of Skype

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