Preeti Jhangiani found it Hard to Distance from ‘Bechari Bahu’ Role

‘Mohabbatein’ actress Preeti Jhangiani said she was typecast as a ‘bechari bahu’ and said it was hard to distance herself from that image.

Preeti Jhangiani found it Hard to Distance from 'Bechari Bahu' f

"I really did try to get away from the typecast"

Actress Preeti Jhangiani has said that she was typecast as a ‘bechari bahu’ (helpless daughter-in-law) and that she found it hard to distance herself from that image.

The actress achieved fame in the 2000 film Mohabbatein.

Preeti also revealed that audiences did not accept her taking up edgy roles and that some of her fans to date still only want to see her in sarees.

She explained that she wanted to expand her acting horizon but her fans did not support her.

“Some people did try to change it. I did Victoria No 203 where I played a negative character; I absolutely loved it.

“I still use photos from that photoshoot, I am in so much love with them.

“I really did try to get away from the typecast but the audience didn’t accept it.

“Even if I wanted to do a kissing scene, they wouldn’t accept it, though I did have a kissing scene in a Rajshri video too.

“In films, I feel, people just refused to accept it.

“I still have diehard fans who tell me not to wear anything but just saree kind of things.”

Preeti went on to reveal that some people still refer to her as the ‘Chhuimui girl’ or the ‘Mohabbatein girl’.

She said that she is fine being called these two names.

However, during her career, Preeti asked filmmakers to offer her other roles as she did not want to play the victimised daughter-in-law.

While she was given different acting roles, Preeti Jhangiani admitted that the stereotypical role still sticks with her.

“People still call me the ‘Chhuimui girl’ or the ‘Mohabbatein girl’.

“I am stuck with these two tags and I am fine with it.”

“Midway into my career, I was like, ‘Can you please offer me something else?’ I didn’t want to play the bechari bahu (helpless daughter-in-law) anymore.

“I was not denied roles but I was completely typecast.”

Preeti is now married to Parvin Dabas and the couple have two boys.

She said that in real life, she is not like the characters she played in films.

Preeti added that her parents were “quite forward-thinking” and that she didn’t even own a “salwar-kurta”.

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