Indian Father-in-Law molesting Bahu Filmed but Not Believed

An Indian father-in-law from Gujarat molested his daughter-in-law. The incident was filmed, however, it was not believed.

Indian Father-in-Law molesting Bahu Filmed but Not Believed f

She set up a camera and managed to film him

An Indian father-in-law has been accused of molesting his daughter-in-law. The incident happened in the city of Junagadh, Gujarat.

The victim had been molested several times by the 70-year-old.

The woman decided to film her father-in-law molesting her in an attempt to expose him. However, when she showed the video to her husband and in-laws, they did not believe her.

It was reported that the married woman lived with her husband and his parents.

While living at the house, she was repeatedly molested by her father-in-law. Initially, she feared approaching the police and filing a complaint.

But the woman soon became fed up and planned to expose the Indian father-in-law.

She set up a camera and managed to film him inappropriately touching her.

After obtaining the footage, the woman showed the video to her in-laws.

Despite being shown the video, her husband and in-laws refused to believe the molestation allegations.

The father-in-law denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he was drunk when the video was made.

As a result, the young woman chose not to file a police complaint out of fear that they will also not believe her.

A number of women in the community have stated that such cases should be talked about.

If every victim were to suppress the abuse they suffered, it would only encourage the perpetrator and they will no longer fear the authorities.

A centre at the Old Civil Hospital campus Azad Chowk has been opened for female victims of abuse to speak about their ordeal and to file complaints.

By listening to the victims, efforts will be made to provide justice.

Within a period of six months, 58 women in Junagadh have come forward, explaining their ordeal.

There have been numerous cases of sexual abuse within families, some more serious than others.

In one case, a man raped his 17-year-old daughter and later blackmailed her with a video of her having sex with her boyfriend.

The teenager had sex with her boyfriend, however, her father filmed it and showed the video to his daughter. He raped her the next day.

He then blackmailed her, threatening to show the video to her mother if she spoke about the rape.

The mother eventually came across the video. When questioned, the girl explained her ordeal.

A police case was registered, however, the man remains on the run.

While some have gone through horrific ordeals, others take matters into their own hands by exposing the perpetrator.

A woman exposed a molester on Facebook Live while she was on a bus.

The woman had been sleeping on the bus when the man began touching her. She then began filming, identifying the man and explaining her ordeal.

She then ordered the driver to go to the police station. Upon arriving, some passengers grabbed the man and took him into the station where he was arrested.

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