Lakmé Fashion Week 2016 supports Plus-Size Models

The first plus-size model hunt will take place this summer, in preparation for Lakmé Fashion Week’s winter/festive show. DESIblitz reports


'Plus-size models are being appreciated all over the globe, so why not in India?'

Lakmé Fashion Week 2016 is to host its first ever plus-size model hunt this summer, looking for both male and female models with larger figures.

The hunt is curated by designer Shilpa Chavan and supported by plus-size fashion store aLL, to promote diversity in fashion.

The move is a welcome change for Delhi based model and LFW judge Sonalika Sahay, who showed her support for ‘healthier’ models after being interviewed about the Lakme Fashion Week north-east  model auditions.

Sahay spoke to the Times of India about the hypocrisy of an industry that favours skinny models.

“A lot of times people with a certain kind of body shape would not even aspire to be a model or be a part of such auditions”, she said, calling one plus size contestant ‘gutsy’ for participating in an audition that is dominated by the weighing scale.

‘Plus-size models are being appreciated all over the globe, so why not in India?’, she continued, pointing to India’s own inclinations towards ‘healthy’ body types.

“We do have healthy looking girls in India who are a size eight. It’s a good healthy size for any model. Eventually, you need to see from the designer’s perspective. They don’t go beyond a size eight unless they are doing for a specific show catering to plus-size women…which we don’t have in India.”

Sahay’s support of larger models is met by the Lakmé Fashion Week’s own push for diversity in their models.

The winter/festive edition of the LFW is curated by petite creative fashion designer Shilpa Chavan. The show will search for plus size models, both male and female. The goal of this campaign will be to make high-end fashion available for consumers of all body types.

Plus-size clothing store aLL will be collaborating with Chavan on this showcase. Auditions are being held on July 29th, and the show will be held at St. Regis in Mumbai in August.

Purnima Lamba, the head of Innovation, Lakme, said of the move: ‘Redefining the future of fashion yet again, Lakme Fashion Week always strives for a more inclusive future for us all’

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images courtesy of india forums, delhi style blog

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