Janhvi Kapoor wants to do ‘Nepotism’ Film with Family?

Janhvi Kapoor spoke about her family and said she wants to do a film in which all of them can work together, titled ‘Nepotism’.

Janhvi Kapoor wants to do 'Nepotism' Film with Family f

"I think the only way now to get the family together is to just do a film"

Janhvi Kapoor said she wants to do a film with her family and title it Nepotism.

However, the comment was a joke as Janhvi explained that her family’s busy schedules meant that she has not been able to spend a lot of time with them.

The actress made the comment as she recalled spending a lot of time with her father Boney Kapoor in recent months when they worked together on Mili.

The survival thriller is about a woman stuck in a freezer fighting to stay alive.

When asked if there is any chance of her working with her half-brother Arjun Kapoor, she joked that the only way her family can spend time together is if they work on the same project.

Janhvi said: “I hope so. I really hope so.

“The thing is that I think because we are all working so much, touchwood, we are not getting to spend as much time together as a family as I would want us to.

“And I think the most time I have spent with Papa has been during the shoot of Mili because we were creatively doing something together.

“So I think the only way now to get the family together is to just do a film, and like cast everyone in the family.”

Janhvi Kapoor went on to say:

“Maybe we’ll have to call it Nepotism only because it’s all in the family. But yeah I would love to do a film with him.”

Janhvi previously admitted that her fame is mostly down to her parents.

She said: “Honestly… a lot of the attention and recognition (that) has come my way is, first and foremost, because of who my parents are.

“I think there’s a lot of clarity and identifying that, and I’m not delusional and thinking that I’ve earned all of it, or I deserve any of it even.

“But now I have it. And I think what I want to do with it is good work because I love my job.

“And so the privilege and the trolling on social media and all of this is secondary.”

“My main priority and focus is to really hone my craft and give my work my all.”

She also spoke about the pressure of staying relevant in Bollywood.

“I’m only four years into the industry. If my relevance ends in four years, I shouldn’t even try.

“But I don’t know. I actually haven’t thought of it. I just want to do good work.”

Janhvi Kapoor is currently gearing up for the release of Good Luck Jerry. The film is set to release on Disney+ Hotstar on July 29, 2022.

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