Jail Guard Pregnant with Inmate’s Baby accused of Robbery

Sukhpreet Singh a jail guard in Toronto is a prisoner of love after she fell for an inmate. Now pregnant, she is accused of robberies with him.

Jail Guard Pregnant with Inmate's Baby accused of Robbery f

Jail guard Sukhpreet Singh while working at the Toronto South Detention Centre fell for a bandit inmate known as Tatum Ogden, in Toronto, Canada.

Sukhpreet is about 10 weeks pregnant with his baby and also accused of robbery with Ogden.

Ogden became friendly with 24-year-old Sukhpreet when he was serving time in 2018. She told her superiors that Ogden was calling her mobile phone.

Subsequently, she was suspended from her jail officer job in Autumn 2018, for her association with an inmate who had a lengthy criminal record and five firearms prohibitions.

Sukhpreet is accused of two counts of robbery for using her mother’s car allegedly to help Ogden escape from a hold up at a Subway outlet in Brampton on March 13, 2019, and a heist at a Huntsville motel which was violently aggravated on March 16, 2019.

Both crimes are linked to Ogden, aged 32, the co-accused and father of her child.

She was sent behind bars on March 20, 2019, at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, in Southern Ontario, after being arrested.

Sukhpreet was working as an exotic dancer before being sent to prison.

The judge Justice Joseph Bovard denied giving her bail at the time and said the Crown’s case against her wasn’t “overwhelming, but was close to it.”

Ogden, on the other hand, is charged with a dozen robberies. It’s alleged he used a black Jeep Wrangler for his crimes, which belongs to Sukhpreet’s mother, Amarjit Kaur.

One of the robberies includes a break-in at Sukhpreet’s father’s Tandoori restaurant in Brampton, where $100 was allegedly taken while an unidentified blonde was in the getaway jeep.

There is a line of enquiry if the blonde in the car was Sukphreet as well. But she is currently accused of the two robberies.

Sukhpreet has no criminal record prior to these accusations and is said to have led a normal life.

She was a former teenage boxing champion and even wanted to join the police force after enrolling in the Police Foundations college course.

Before joining the Toronto South Detention Centre in October 2017 as a jail guard, she worked in a number of security jobs.

Sukhpreet married her boxing coach’s son and had a daughter with him who is now three-years-old. She separated from him in 2018.

She became involved with Ogden while working at the detention centre, who became her boyfriend in 2018, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

Ogden has since been arrested and charged for armed robberies. He remains in custody in Huntsville.

After a second application, pregnant Sukhpreet was granted bail with the support of her mother, Amarjit Kaur, and sister, Jaspreet Singh, 20, acting as her sureties for $11,000, on May 27, 2019.

The conditions of her bail prohibit her from contacting Ogden in any manner unless they are preparing for their defence with lawyers their present.

In addition, the former jail guard is banned from having any weapons in her name and she is on a strict curfew where she must be at her parents’ home in Brampton between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am.

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