Indian ‘Beauty’ in Jail bribed Guard for Mobile Phone

At Indore District Jail, it was discovered that a high-profile female prisoner had bribed a guard in exchange for a mobile phone.

Jail bribed Guard for Mobile Phone f

Haseena conned seven businessmen.

It was discovered that a high-profile female prisoner at Indore District Jail was in possession of a mobile phone.

The prisoner was identified as Payal Samuel, also known as Haseena.

She had bribed a prison guard in exchange for a mobile phone to continue her criminal operations. This included moving money between accounts.

Haseena was imprisoned for scamming seven businessmen, using her ability to speak fluent English in order to convince them.

Haseena had been imprisoned in Delhi’s Tihar Jail but was released on bail. She was rearrested and sent to Indore.

Her criminal activities date back to March 2018 when she posed as the owner of a multinational company.

She purchased Rs. 50 Lakh (£53,000) worth of mobile phones from businessman Dheeraj Jain, however, she gave him a bogus cheque.

That same month, she posed as a CEO to con a jewellery shop owner.

In August 2018, she falsely promised Ravi Patel that he would get a lucrative contract from a London-based company.

Haseena had been at university but dropped out in the final year.

She worked at various media houses between 2007 and 2012 but turned to crime, which led to her amassing a large fortune.

After conning a Bhopal-based businessman, she was arrested and jailed for three months.

Following her release, Haseena married an NRI and moved to Mumbai.

Police continued to search for Haseena and during an investigation, they discovered that she planned to scam a journalist.

Officers are currently analysing the journalist’s phone.

Delhi Police eventually traced Haseena and arrested her. During questioning, she told officers that ’50’ is her lucky number as all her crimes have involved the number.

During a year and a half, Haseena conned seven businessmen.

She was imprisoned in Tihar Jail. Haseena was briefly released before being jailed in Indore.

Whilst in prison, a female officer heard an unusual sound coming from the bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom, she saw Haseena in possession of a mobile phone. It was found that the mobile phone had been concealed in a sanitary pad.

An investigation found that Haseena was transferring money to an account belonging to a prison guard named Rubina.

It was found that Haseena had bribed Rubina in exchange for the phone.

Rubina has worked at the prison for seven months and was hired following the death of her father.

Central Jail Superintendent Alka Sonkar, who is investigating the mobile scam, informed Home Minister Narottam Mishra about the whole matter.

He has called for an investigation into every person that is associated with the mobile scam.

Rubina was suspended and an internal inquiry is underway.

Rubina was also ordered to make a statement.

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