Is AP Dhillon’s ‘With You’ inspired by ‘Tum Mil Gaye’?

‘With You’ is AP Dhillon’s latest release but one Instagram user has highlighted its similarities to Vital Signs’ track ‘Tum Mil Gaye’.

Is AP Dhillon's 'With You' inspired by 'Tum Mil Gaye' f

“I knew it was something I'd heard before!”

It’s no secret that musicians across the border have been inspired by each other in the past, and the latest hit by AP Dhillon seems to be no different.

AP Dhillon has released his new song ‘With You‘, which has proved highly popular with music lovers everywhere.

But some listeners have pointed out that the song sounds similar to ‘Tum Mil Gaye’ by Pakistani 1980s band Vital Signs.

The discovery was made by a social media user who discovered the similarities between the two songs and took to Instagram to share her discovery.

The user, named Inzagram, sits in her car and plays both songs side by side.

She captioned the video “Core memory unlocked. Tell me it’s not just me.”

Her followers were quick to comment, and one said that their mother also recognised the melody as being similar to the 1989 hit.

The comment read: “I put this song [With You] on in my car and my mum instantly went like, ‘That’s a Junaid Jamshed song!’

Another person commented: “OMG thank you! I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to figure this one out!”

One fan said: “I knew it was something I’d heard before!”

It is undeniable that the opening music of both songs sounds similar.

Since the discovery was made publicly, 80s children have been transported to their early childhood, to a time when Junaid Jamshed was the national heartthrob.

But although there is a striking resemblance in the opening chords, the rest of ‘With You’ is vastly different.

It can even be argued that AP Dhillon was unaware of the similarities when the music was being composed.


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Music is considered a love language and artists put their time and energy into each piece they create in order to send their fans on a melodious journey.

Since the Instagram post went viral, love and appreciation for Vital Signs have resurfaced.

One person even reminisced about how ahead of their time the band was.

Vital Signs was a hugely popular band that had smash hit songs such as ‘Tumhara Aur Mera Naam’ and ‘Sanwali Salooni’.

The band of five friends then went their separate ways, with lead vocalist Junaid Jamshed going solo, before leaving the world of music to embark on a religious journey.

He was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2016.

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