India’s Next Top Model in shocking Catwalk twist

The fourth episode of India’s Next Top Model saw a shock twist in this week’s challenge. Who coped with the pressure, and who was sent home?

India's Next Top Model in shocking Catwalk twist

“Honestly, I was in that state of mind because of Sreeradhe.”

What a week it’s been in the Top Model world!

The fourth episode of India’s Next Top Model aired on August 9, 2015.

This week, the girls learn how to master the ultimate fierce and flawless runway walk.

Not juicy enough? How about adding superstar model and runway expert, Alesia Raut into the mix!

Receiving their weekly dose of Lisa Mail, the hopefuls are styled to perfection, with dramatic hairstyles and eye catching make-up designs in tow.

Making their way to location, the girls arrive at a busy fish market, and are greeted by judge, Neeraj Gaba.

Alesia Raut is his accomplice, who struts her stuff down the makeshift catwalk, which the models must treat as the actual Lakmé Fashion Week runway.

India's Next Top Model in shocking Catwalk twist

Anam is up first, watched by the local fishmongers. Malvika follows, and stumbles the minute she begins to walk!

Next up is Monica, who Neeraj slams later in their review. He exclaims: “Body, posture, WHAT?! WHERE IS THE PULLING UP, THERE’S NOTHING!”

Sreeradhe, Rushali, Aditi, Danielle and Gloria all follow, but fail to impress their critics.

Back in the Top Model house, the girls put on their own catwalk challenge. Each of them plays the role of Lisa, Neeraj, Anusha, and Dabboo retrospectively, which is brilliantly hilarious.

The fun and games soon come to an end though as another dose of Lisa Mail arrives.

Their next challenge is something even experienced models would be petrified of.

The girls are challenged to use the runway techniques they learnt earlier and walk a catwalk in headwear designed by iconic fashion mogul, Little Shilpa.

But to add a hint of pressure – and by hint we mean a catastrophic amount – two enormous swinging pendulums will cross the catwalk at different times, which the girls must gracefully stride past in front of a live audience.

India's Next Top Model in shocking Catwalk twist

Backstage, the drama increases, as Danielle breaks into tears after falling ill from the weight of her headpiece.

But she picks herself up and carries on like a true professional.

Malvika, Rushali, and Anam all cringingly hit the swinging gongs, leaving both the judges and ourselves hiding behind our cushions!

Sreeradhe, however, pulls off a killer move. Timing her walk wrong, she almost hits the pendulum, but pauses to throw a last minute pose to conceal her mistake. The judges loved it, and we definitely loved it!

Once the audience clear the area, the judging and elimination commences.

Judging solely off their runway walks this week, the judges award Danielle with first place for continuing the catwalk challenge with the same headgear that made her fall ill.

Tensions grow between Monica and Sreeradhe as Monica explains to the judges how she feels an outcast from the rest of the girls.

She comments: “Honestly, I was in that state of mind because of Sreeradhe.”

Back to business, the bottom two are, unsurprisingly, Monica and Sreeradhe.

Whilst Sreeradhe slams Monica in an attempt to stay in the competition, she is ultimately eliminated, much to the distress of best friend, Malvika.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as next week, it’s makeover time, as well as a gothic bust photoshoot.

Will tensions between Monica and Malvika grow now that Sreeradhe is eliminated?

What will the judges have in store for the model makeovers?

Make sure you catch the next episode of India’s Next Top Model on Sunday at 7pm on MTV India to find out.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of India's Next Top Model Official Facebook

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