Indian Woman thrashes Imposter who wanted Rs. 50,000

An Indian woman beat up a man who impersonated an Anti-Corruption Bureau officer. The man had demanded Rs. 50,000 (£550) from the woman.

Indian Woman thrashes Imposter who wanted Rs. 50,000 ft

"I called the ACB and learned that the person is fake"

A video has circulated on social media of an Indian woman beating up a man who pretended to be an Anti-Corruption Bureau officer.

The man had asked Rakhi Sharma for Rs. 50,000 (£550). The incident happened on a busy road in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur.

Rakhi alleged that Falendra Mehto had demanded the money to resolve a personal problem and threatened to arrest her if she refused to hand over the money.

Mehto, of Ghatshila town, claimed to be an Anti-Corruption Bureau officer. Rakhi initially believed him as he showed her an identity card.

The woman said: “We met him a few days ago. He used to come with women to raid houses in various areas.

“I also thought of working with him and sought his help to resolve my personal problem.

“For this, he asked me to pay Rs. 50,000 for the legal work. I called the ACB and learned that the person is fake as no officer can conduct raids without serving a legal notice.”

The woman went on to explain that Mehto threatened her when she refused to give him the money.

“When I refused to pay up, he began to threaten me and claimed that he will raid my house and put me in jail.

“Later I contacted the police and with the help of some of my relatives and friends we nabbed him.”

Rakhi took one of her shoes and began hitting the suspect with it. A man was also seen taking Mehto down before beating him with a stick.

The incident was captured on video.

Police officers soon intervened and stopped Rakhi from hitting Mehto. They arrested the suspect and took him away in a van.

Mango Station House Officer Arun Mehta said:

“Rakhi Sharma said she was facing some personal problem for which she sought help from this fake ACB officer. He asked her for Rs. 50,000 to resolve it.

“When she discussed it with her relatives, they learned the person was a fake.

“Later, they nabbed him and brought him to the police station.”

According to officers, Mehto used to conduct bogus raids at several locations, including liquor shops as a means of making money.

SHO Mehta added: “Mr Mehto used to raid various places, including liquor shops to make money.

“He owns a fake card that declares him to be an ACB officer. We have arrested the accused and now probing the matter to see if he is part of some gang.”

The accused remains in custody while the investigation continues.

See the Indian woman beating the imposter

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