Indian Serial Killer Maina Ramulu Arrested by Police

Serial killer Maina Ramulu was arrested by police in Hyderabad following the murder of a woman in the city.

Indian Serial Killer Maina Ramulu Arrested by Police f

“His modus operandi is to target women"

Serial killer Maina Ramulu has been arrested by police for murdering a woman in the Jubilee Hills of Telangana’s Hyderabad.

The murder of Kavala Venkatamma took place on Monday, January 4, 2021.

After killing Venkatamma, Ramulu doused her face in petrol and set it alight to the point where she became unrecognisable.

An extensive investigation led to the killer’s arrest, which came on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

Ramulu’s arrest was made by a joint team of Hyderabad police officials, Commissioner’s Task Force North Zone team, and Rachakonda Police.

The police investigated two murder cases against Ramulu, one at the Mulugu Police Station in Siddipet and the other at the Ghatkesar Police Station in Rachakonda.

The labourer is said to target his victims when they visit toddy shops and steals from them before murdering them.

Mahesh Bhagwat, of Rachakonda Police, said: “His modus operandi is to target women visiting toddy shops.

“So far, he killed 18 women in the limits of Rachakonda Police Commissionerate, Mahabubnagar and Rangareddy districts.”

Maina Ramulu has 21 cases against him.

Sixteen of these cases were for murder for gain, while the other cases include property theft and escaping police custody.

The Crime Journey of Maina Ramulu

According to police, Maina Ramulu’s parents got him married at 21, but his wife eloped with another man shortly after their marriage.

Since then, police believe that the 45-year-old now holds a grudge against women, leading to his string of murder victims.

Ramulu was first given a life sentence in February 2011. While serving time at Cherlapally Central Jail, he escaped from a mental hospital in Erragadda when he was admitted there for treatment in December 2011.

Ramulu made his escape shortly after his admission, taking five other prisoners with him.

According to Hyderabad CP Anjani Kumar, Ramulu murdered more women after his escape.

“After escaping, accused Maina Ramulu committed more murders for gains within the limits of Bowenpally PS (Hyderabad), Chanda Nagar PS (Cyberabad) and Dundigal PS (Cyberabad).”

Police arrested him again in 2013. However, they released him from jail in 2018 after an appeal petition was filed in the High Court.

After his release in 2018, Maina committed two additional murders in Shamirpet PS of Cyberabad and Patancheru PS limits of Sangareddy district.

He was soon caught by police and put behind bars again, but was released in July 2020.

Ramulu killed at least two women upon gaining his freedom.

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