Indian millionaire Jailed for Life for Murder

Indian business tycoon Mohammed Nisham has been jailed for life and fined Rs. 8 million for the murder of a security guard. DESIblitz reports.

Indian millionaire Jailed for Life for Murder

"We are not enthused to hear about the compensation ordered to be paid to us."

Indian business tycoon Mohammed Nisham has received a life sentence for the murder of a security guard named K Chandrabose.

Special public prosecutor Judge K P Sudheer also delivered 24 more years for his six other offences.

On January 29, 2014, Nisham returned to his apartment at Sobha City after a late night party.

He rammed his SUV into the security guard, pinning him against a wall over a delay in opening the gates.

He then continued the assault by putting Chandrabose into the back of his SUV. After driving to the parking area of the complex, he beat him with an iron rod shouting ‘this dog will not die’.

The 51-year-old was later admitted to hospital where he died two weeks later, suffering a cardiac arrest from the multiple injuries incurred.

Indian millionaire Jailed for Life for MurderNisham is further fined Rs. 8 million (£83,000), half of which must be donated to the victim’s family. He pleaded ‘bipolar disorder’ for a more lenient sentence.

However, Chandrabose’s widow, Jamanthi, wants the 39-year-old to get a death sentence and be hanged.

She says: “We did not get justice. We are not enthused to hear about the compensation ordered to be paid to us.

“It was not an accident. He ran the vehicle into my husband. When he tried to escape, Nisham crushed him against a concrete wall using his vehicle. We are not satisfied by the verdict.’’

The Indian millionaire is primarily known for his work in tobacco, selling beedis, which is a hugely popular hand-rolled Indian cigarette.

He also owns a hotel, jewellery businesses in the Middle East, and a fleet of luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

His wife, Amal Nisham, was also under the initiation of criminal procedures by the prosecution on charges of perjury.

In her earlier witness statement, she told magistrates that she had seen an injured Chandrabose in her husband’s Hummer SUV. This later changed during the trial when she turned hostile.

Indian millionaire Jailed for Life for MurderThis case has been one of the most sensational ones in Kerala in recent years.

Case prosecutor C P Udayabhanu says Nisham is a ‘menace to society’, adding: “He is a repeat offender and we are satisfied with the judgement.”

The King Beedi Co businessman faces a separate criminal case after uploading footage to YouTube of his nine-year-old son driving a Ferrari without supervision in 2013.


Nisham’s criminal history has been further exposed and is reportedly involved in over 11 criminal cases with no previous convictions.

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Images courtesy of The Indian Express, The Hindu, Cartoq and New Indian Express

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