Indian Man stuck in Relationship due to GF threatening Suicide

An Indian man took to Reddit to reveal that he is stuck in his relationship due to his “possessive” girlfriend threatening suicide.

Indian Man stuck in Relationship due to GF threatening Suicide f

"she’s saying she’ll commit suicide"

An Indian man has detailed his relationship problem on Reddit, revealing that his girlfriend has been forcing him to stay with her by threatening suicide.

He revealed that the woman was originally from Nepal and that he met her near his office.

They began dating but just one month in, he realised she was very possessive.

She told him that she was planning to leave for Dubai and wanted to make the most of her time with him before leaving.

However, her controlling behaviour escalated.

The man wrote on Reddit: “We had a fight and I blocked her. This is where things were getting worse. She drank and refused to leave the bar.”

His girlfriend later claimed that she will have to return to Nepal and will suffer because she will be forced to get married.

The man heard her claims and felt bad. He told her to choose her career and she went to Dubai.

But things only escalated further.

He said: “She got 2x possessive from there and demanded to talk at least two times a day. I told her openly there is no future as our family won’t agree to this.”

In a bid to stop him from ending the relationship, she threatened to take her own life.

The woman returned from Dubai and settled in Bangalore, which is eight hours away from where the man lived.

She demanded that he visit her in Banglaore on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the man ran a company in his hometown.

He said: “For four months straight, I went to Bangalore but now I can’t tolerate it anymore cause I’m losing weight, getting mad and can’t concentrate on company.”

On numerous occasions, the man has considered ending the relationship. But when he tells her, she threatens to take her own life.

“Whenever I’m talking about breakup she’s saying she’ll commit suicide, and that she doesn’t have a family or friends and her work is bad.”

The man says he knows her claims are false but he has remained with her out of fear that she will commit suicide.

“She gets very angry also at these situations like she has anger issues.”

He believes she has mental health issues because, at times, she tells him how much she loves him. Other times, she gets very angry at him.

According to the man, his girlfriend has also threatened to expose their friends’ personal lives.

Recalling an incident where a concerned friend called her family, the man said:

“So her friend contacted her family when things went wrong one time, and she got so angry that she threatened our mutual friends that she’ll go to everyone’s family and ruin their life (by telling them about their sex lives).”

His issue prompted many responses.

Many felt sorry for him, with many posting mental health and suicide prevention helplines.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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