Indian Doctor Cheats woman in Fake Cancer Scam

An Indian doctor in Pune, Maharashtra has allegedly been conning a 58-year-old woman with a fake cancer scam for months.

Doctor Godras

Gondras diagnosed her of suffering from ‘liver ascites’.

An Indian woman in Pune, Maharashtra has allegedly been conned out of Rs 1.47 crore (£147, 686) by her doctor.

The 58-year-old  victim, Sushma Jadhav filed an FIR (First Incident Report) against supposed doctor Vidya Dhanajay Gondras on December 18, 2020.

Gondras has allegedly been taking money from the victim for months under false pretences.

As per Jadhav’s complaint, she works as an auditor at the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts under India’s Ministry of Defence.

She came in contact with Gondras at her work through a common friend in 2017.

Gondras treated her for a knee ache at her naturopathy clinic in Kondhwa Budruk, Pune.

After which, Jadhav approached the doctor again in June 2020 for a medical problem.

Gondras allegedly told her that she has closed the naturopathy clinic and has taken a franchise of a Canada-based Ayurvedic organisation.

She alleged she had treated many patients in Pune.

The victim reported that without conducting any medical tests, Gondras diagnosed her of suffering from ‘liver ascites’.

The alleged doctor informed her that without immediate treatment the illness could kill her.

Jadhav said she kept paying money to Gondras, who allegedly gave her some tablets in red, black, green and white plastic bags.

When Jadhav inquired about the medication prescribed, Gondras showed her photographs of liver damage on her phone.

The accused informed Jadhav that stopping the treatment would cause her death.

In September 2020, the accused allegedly told Jadhav that she had cancerous tumours on the upper portion of her liver.

Gondras also said that this tumour could be treated by Ayurvedic medicines.

Gondras allegedly kept taking money from Jadhav, mainly by cheque, by claiming to provide medicines for her treatment.

Meanwhile, Jadhav started falling short of money, so she told her husband to arrange for Rs 7 lakh (£7,000).

Her husband, who is a lawyer, asked Jadhav to show her medical reports and treatment papers.

Jadhav then contacted Gondras, but the doctor allegedly refused to give any medical reports or treatment papers.

Jadhav, along with her husband and a lawyer friend, held a meeting with Gondras on December 3, 2020.

During this meeting, Gondras alleged that she would not be able to give medical reports until the treatment was over.

Jadhav realised that Gondras was cheating her and filed a police complaint.

Police Sub-Inspector Bholenath Ahiwale, who is the investigating officer of the case, said:

“The complainant has paid nearly Rs 1.45 crore (£145,000) to the accused via cheques and Rs 1.75 lakh (£1750) in cash.

“The accused has not been arrested yet, but her bank accounts have been sealed. Further investigation is on.”

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