Car Burglar Bleeds after Grabbing Samurai Sword

A car burglar raided a home in Bradford in an attempt to steal a vehicle, however, he injured himself after grabbing a Samurai sword.

Car Burglar Bleeds after Grabbing Samurai Sword f

He grabbed at the blade but cut both his hands

Rehan Malik, aged 23, of Bradford, was jailed for three years and eight months after attempting to steal a car. However, the car burglar ended up injuring himself.

Bradford Crown Court heard he was one of three masked raiders who forced their way into the property in Avondale Road in the early hours of October 25, 2020.

Malik attempted to make off with an Audi S3 but it got stuck in the garage doors.

The homeowners were woken when the burglars broke into the kitchen. The man was confronted by a burglar who demanded the car keys.

He went upstairs to call the police and grabbed an ornamental Samurai sword.

Clare Walsh, prosecuting, said he stood on the landing with the sheathed weapon to defend himself.

The intruders tried to steal the Audi when they found the keys.

The man’s partner unsheathed the weapon and went to the garage. She pointed it at Malik to prevent him from escaping.

He grabbed at the blade but cut both his hands, leaving blood in the car and around the garage.

Malik and his accomplices were then driven from the scene in a getaway vehicle.

Police checked on the hospitals in the region and found that Malik had sought medical help in Barnsley.

It was heard that he spent five days in hospital and would have died from blood loss if he had delayed seeking help any longer.

His barrister Shufqat Khan said he needed blood transfusions and had lost all feeling in both his hands because the nerves were severed.

While on remand in prison, Malik was unable to get the required treatment. The injuries may leave him permanently disabled.

Mr Khan said his cellmate acted as Malik’s carer because he was unable to dress himself or open a can or bottle.

He added that the life-changing injury led to Malik changing his ways. He had resolved not to commit any more offences.

The car burglar was previously involved in a dangerous driving incident while he was on licence.

On April 12, 2020, at 9:30 am, Malik was pursued by police from Parry Lane to Feather Road, reaching speeds of 90mph.

He jumped a red light and mounted a kerb in a Seat, only stopping when he drove down a dead end.

Malik was a third strike housebreaker with previous convictions for house burglary, dangerous driving and vehicle theft. He pleaded guilty to all the offences.

He was also sentenced for dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and without insurance.

Judge Jonathan Rose stated that Malik injured himself by grabbing the sword’s blade. The woman feared that he would seize the weapon from her and use it against her. She was completely blameless.

Malik was jailed for 12 months for dangerous driving and 32 months for the burglary, meaning he was jailed for a total of three years and eight months.

He also received a 58-month driving ban.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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